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Cat Tries To Get Dad’s Attention By Standing On Her Hind Legs But Fails Once Again

Cat Tries To Get Dad’s Attention By Standing On Her Hind Legs But Fails Once Again

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Every cat owner knows that our feline friends have their own way of getting what they want. When a cat craves attention, it’s not shy about letting you know, just like the cat in this video. 

Meet Mei, a stunning Norwegian Forest cat who’s a master at politely seeking her dad’s attention. However, despite her best efforts, Mei’s attempt didn’t quite hit the mark…

@meistands Always trying to get Dads attention 😂 #meistands #meimei #meibelline #norwegianforestcat #catsoftiktok #cats #cattok #prettiestboy ♬ Sneaky Snitch – Kevin MacLeod

Mei was probably hoping her dad would scoop her up and cuddle her all evening, but it seems her polite demeanor worked against her this time. What happened to meowing, Mei?

Dad appears engrossed in a conversation with someone off-camera, so perhaps Mei could have tried a bit harder. Maybe a gentle touch on the man’s leg or a meow would have done the trick…

Regardless, Mei gave it her all in that moment, resulting in this viral video that brought laughter to over two million people. This adorable, fluffy cat stood on her hind legs, pawing through the air in an attempt to reach out and get some cuddles from daddy.

cat standing on hind legs
Credit: TikTok

What’s even more adorable is that her paws are white, and her body is orange, so it makes her look like she’s wearing white mittens. 

A real little lady, asking for cuddles in the most polite manner. I can hear her saying “Good sir, may I have some cuddles, purr-ease?”

man sitting in a chair with cat on the floor next to him
Credit: TikTok

The video is captioned: “Always trying to get dad’s attention.” And they’re not joking, Mei really is always trying to get his attention, get some cuddles, go wherever they go…

@meistands Mei wants to go snowboarding too! #meistands #meimei #meibelline #catsoftiktok #cattok #norwegianforestcat #prettiestgirl #cats ♬ original sound – Brandy Hilden

Mei is just too cute to handle! However, I understand them, because if they gave in to her every request, they wouldn’t do anything but cuddle. Some people aren’t as “strong” and they’d spend the entire day with Mei in their arms.

“Please give her uppies, literally begging for it.” 

And many more of them commented that the cat needs uppies, and she needs them now! 

“I could never ignore that bun.”

Well, neither could I… but then we wouldn’t do anything else in our lives! Mei’s paw-rents share how she’s never neglected and how she gets many, many cuddles every day.

@meistands For those concered that we ignore Mei… she is VERY loved. She is our princess♥️ #meistands #meimei #meibelline #norwegianforestcat #cats #catsoftiktok #cattok #prettiestgirl ♬ original sound – Brandy Hilden

As you can see, Mei gets all the upsies and cuddles she wants. However, cat parents need to be responsible and not give in to every demand their cat has. We don’t want to spoil our feline friends too much, right?

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