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Woman Shocked After A Stray Cat Jumps Into Her Car Refusing To Get Out

Woman Shocked After A Stray Cat Jumps Into Her Car Refusing To Get Out

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Morning traffic is usually wild, but things get even wilder when a furry surprise hops into your car out of the blue.

Melina Marama Waite had no idea of what awaited her one morning as she embarked on her usual school and daycare run with her kids. 

They found themselves stuck in the usual traffic snarl when, out of nowhere, a black furball made an unexpected entrance, leaping right onto the car’s dashboard.

black kitten in the car
Credit: Melina Marama Waite

Melina was so confused that it took her a moment to realize it was a cat standing in front of her. She recounted the moment:

“We stopped behind some cars at an intersection, then all of a sudden, a little cat climbed on the dashboard. It was a complete shock, I didn’t know what to do.”

However, the real surprise was yet to come. Melina explained:

“When the traffic moved, I started moving and the cat slipped and panicked and tried to grab the rearview mirror and my daughter freaked out. I tried to grab the cat, then it fell and ran to the back of the car somewhere.”

black cat on the porch
Credit: Melina Marama Waite

Following this unusual incident and with the enigmatic black cat still hiding somewhere in the car, Melina had no choice but to turn back home. 

Even though the cat was very familiar, Melina couldn’t figure out where it came from. And then she remembered… 

This furry boy had been hanging around their house for a while, and the only explanation was that the cat slipped into the car during the family’s morning rush.

cat peeking
Credit: Melina Marama Waite

The family made an earnest attempt to catch the kitty, but it was so spooked that it bolted from the car. 

Melina feared that the frightened feline might never return. Yet, the black furball had one more surprise up his whiskers.

The following morning, he reappeared at their doorstep and enjoyed breakfast with the family. 

cat laying on the stairs
Credit: Melina Marama Waite

Melina and her kids were overjoyed, so they left out more cat food, and sure enough, he returned for breakfast the next day.

Melina worked on building trust with the black cat through food, and eventually, she managed to capture him with the help of a humane trap on loan from a local cat rescue group.

black cat wrapped in the towel
Credit: Melina Marama Waite

She took him to the vet for a thorough check-up to ensure he was in good health, and then set about forging a bond with him.

The black cat was named Dash, and he made tremendous progress. Today, he lives inside the house with the entire family.

Dash turned out to be a real purring machine who found a forever home after a long and wild ride.

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