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Rescue Team Can’t Believe This Cat Was Abandoned By His Owner Due To Broken Front Legs

Rescue Team Can’t Believe This Cat Was Abandoned By His Owner Due To Broken Front Legs

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The moment the rescuers first laid eyes on this cat, their hearts sank. His front legs were both broken, and he was crying out to anyone who walked by his spot. 

It’s heartbreaking to think how many people walked right past him, not caring enough to stop and help, until this kindhearted person came along.

The rescuers initially thought he’d been hurt deliberately, but after asking around, they discovered that he’d suffered a bad fall that left his front legs broken. 

What made it even more heart-wrenching was finding out his owner abandoned him when he got injured. Can you believe someone would just leave him behind? It’s hard to imagine people being capable of such cruelty.

cat meowing
Credit: YouTube

Luckily, there are still kind people out there who won’t look away, but do everything in their power to help these poor creatures in need.

This poor feline was skinny and severely malnourished. His rescuer brought him food for several nights until they were able to bring him home.

cat in pain
Credit: YouTube

When he got home, he couldn’t stop meowing and crying, but this time it was out of gratitude. The next day, his rescuer took him to the local vet. 

The cat remained calm and well-behaved, even though the X-rays showed that both his front legs were broken. He was in pain, but somehow he seemed to understand that they were there to help him.

veterinarian helping a cat
Credit: YouTube

Even though his original owner had abandoned him when he needed them the most, this cat kept his faith in humans. 

The vets conducted a thorough examination and considered amputation because his legs had been broken for a while. It was a tough decision because they knew life with only two legs wouldn’t be easy.

cat trying to walk
Credit: YouTube

However, a second vet’s opinion helped as he was confident he would be able to save the cat’s legs. A ray of hope overcame them all, even though the cat was hurt pretty badly, this vet was sure he’d help save his front legs.

Soon, the cat underwent surgery. Once the anesthetics wore off, he meowed and cried out in pain, but fortunately, the surgery went well and things would only get better from here.

cat with broken legs
Credit: YouTube

It took some time for him to completely recover and to walk normally again. Both his legs were successfully operated on, and when his stitches fully healed, he would have a new chance at life.

In a positive turn of events, his rescuer decided to adopt him. After recovering at the hospital, the cat was finally able to walk like a normal cat again. His new forever hooman believes he’ll be jumping and running around in no time. 

cat walking with collar
Credit: YouTube

They named him Big White and their new life together began. Big White’s transformation is amazing. He went from a severely malnourished and frail cat to a beautiful, healthy white kitty. 

His rescuer can hardly believe it’s the same cat they found in such a terrible state. Now, he’s fully recovered and ready to embark on this new adventure as an indoor pet.

funny cat laying on her back on the floor
Credit: YouTube

Big White now has a loving home and a caring human who looks out for him. His surgeries were a success, and he can walk on all four legs just like before. Just look at how far he’s come:

white cat sitting on the floor
Credit: YouTube

His rescuer-turned-owner can hardly believe the remarkable progress Big White has made. 

Despite all the suffering he endured, Big White never gave up! I’m thrilled his surgery and recovery went so well, and he can now enjoy his new life with his devoted new owner. Look at him go:

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