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Cartoonlike Cat Transformed From A Feral To An Indoor Pet In Just A Year

Cartoonlike Cat Transformed From A Feral To An Indoor Pet In Just A Year

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This unique-looking little feline was once a feral cat, living in a feral cat colony until she was 18 months old.

Feline Care Cat Rescue discovered her and brought her to safety, immediately noticing quite how unusual and unique she really was.

They realized she was not made for outdoor living so they decided to take her in. The rescue named her Mau Mau and her new life chapter began. 

cat sticking its tongue out
Credit: Instagram

Mau Mau didn’t have many teeth left and her tongue was hanging out, she couldn’t close her eyes completely, and so on. Over the following 12 months, Mau Mau got used to indoor living and being around people at all times.

She became much more confident and her personality shone through, as Feline Care Cat Rescue shared on Facebook:

“Every time I see a photo of Mau Mau I wonder if she’s half cat and half cartoon?”

cat looking up at the camera
Credit: Instagram

Soon, the time came for Mau Mau’s adoption and the rescue was full of hope! They knew a sweet kitty like her must have people lining up for her. She’s so special and full of quirks.

However, there was no need for people to line up since Mau Mau had already enchanted Amelia who was waiting for the rescue to put her up for adoption.

black and white cat
Credit: Instagram

Amelia works at a veterinary clinic and was swept away by sweet Mau Mau. She saw her picture on the rescue’s Facebook page and asked to meet her.

They set it up and Amelia fell head over heels! Mau Mau is a tiny, adorable bundle of joy, I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love?

cat jumping up
Credit: Instagram

This former feral feline spent over a year around people, socializing and enjoying life as an indoor pet. She was more than ready for a forever home and a family to call her own. 

Mau Mau did her best too, to win over already-smitten Amelia. The two hit it off right away and it was settled, Mau Mau is going to her new home!

cat sitting on a white blanket
Credit: Instagram

It took some time for Mau Mau to adjust to this new environment, but soon she came out from under Amelia’s bed and explored every corner. It didn’t take her long before she claimed all the chairs and beds around the house!

Other than being the sweetest little cartoon cat, Mau Mau is very curious and playful. She often engages in playtime and wants to catch everything that moves! Other than that, she has yet another hobby, as Amelia shared in an interview:

“Her favorite hobby is probably napping, but she always likes to be in the same room as me and if I’ve gone into a different room while she’s not paying attention she’ll cry until I call her name so she knows I’m still here! She also loves playing with fluffy toys and carrying them around.”

cat sitting on couch
Credit: Instagram

Funnily enough, she also stands on her hind legs, curiously staring into what she’s gonna catch next! Such a funny little feline. As Amelia shared:

“She is the tiniest cat with the biggest personality, she has the most expressive face, she pulls a stinky face when she smells something new and she has big adorable eyes when she wants something, but she is also excellent at glaring at me if I’m not doing what she wants!”

I mean look at her, she’s unreal:

black and white cat indoors
Credit: Instagram

Mau Mau also loves watching her owner and everything she does. She truly is the best supervisor a person can have. No matter what Amelia does, she’s always there blerping and looking at her.

“She is very curious and wants to inspect anything and everything new. She’s really feisty and apparently used to try and fight all the other cats at the rescue, and enjoys beating up her toys and my hands.”

cat holding human hand
Credit: Instagram

Another thing that’s very interesting about this small, cartoonlike cat is that she’s not a lap cat! I know, I’m just as surprised as you are.

Mau Mau does not like lap naps but don’t get me wrong, she’s still cuddly! Whenever she wants cuddles, she lets her mom know by rubbing against her. She’ll also never say no to some good belly rubs.

hand petting the cat
Credit: Instagram

She’s always there to help Amelia start her day. When the alarm goes off, it’s like a starting point for Mau Mau as well. She’ll come and hop beside her mom wishing her a good morning.

However, Mau Mau’s favorite thing in the world is, guess what? Eating! Oh boy, I can relate to that!

cat with mouth wide open
Credit: Instagram

I don’t know how Amelia does anything around her house? Mau Mau is so adorable I couldn’t do anything besides cuddling her all day long. Amelia also shared how caring for her is not the simplest task, but she doesn’t mind it at all.

“Mau Mau is very cute and adorable, but she is technically a bit of a special needs cat because of her freaky eyelids and general weirdness, her spatial awareness is also terrible and she bumps into things on a regular basis, but none of that is a problem and in some ways just makes her even cuter and I hope that will inspire other people to give special needs rescues a chance!”

I believe it’s all worth it and that Mau Mau has brought so much joy into Amelia’s home, the two of them seem very bonded and happy together. I mean, have you ever seen a cuter cat? 

cat wearing a shirt
Credit: Instagram

For more updates on their daily adventures, check out their Instagram.

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