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Two Paralyzed Cats Form A Lifelong Bond Seeking One Final Piece To Make Their Lives Complete

Two Paralyzed Cats Form A Lifelong Bond Seeking One Final Piece To Make Their Lives Complete

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MaxFund Animal Adoption Center from Denver, Colorado, brings us a tale of two of the cutest, paralyzed cats that became best friends as soon as they met each other.

Kelly arrived first at this adoption center and Guapo came a year later as a stray cat. Since then, they have been under their care, trying to find their fur-ever home and a loving family.

Kelly and Guapo, the two paralyzed cats lying on the floor
Credit: YouTube

Unfortunately, adopting disabled cats isn’t as easy as adopting healthy ones, but the staff hopes for the best outcome. Until then, they’ll continue to provide these two kitties with the best life possible at the shelter.

The two cats formed a strong bond the moment they met, which was even more heartwarming because both of them have paralyzed hind legs.

a woman volunteer helping the paralyzed cats
Credit: YouTube

Luckily, these cats have incredible spirits, and their disabilities won’t hold them back. Shelly, a MaxFund volunteer, says:

“They run like little roadrunners. When staff lets them out daily for their run, sometimes Kelly is really hard to catch, because he just books. They’ve got very good mobility on their front, and they’re strong or arms, and they love to run around.”

two paralyzed cats called Kelly and Guapo resting
Credit: YouTube

Now, this Denver Adoption Center’s most important mission is to find homes for these two lovely kitties, who can’t wait to meet their new families and shower them with love. The volunteers said:

“We’re looking for a long-term or permanent foster for them or an adopter. Fostering Kelly and Guapo means all their medical care is covered by us, also their food. So, we would provide that dry food, as well as all the medications.”

Kelly and Guapo sleeping
Credit: YouTube

Kelly and Guapo need to take their medications twice a day, and they actually enjoy it, I’m not kitten you! They love having their meds, especially because they receive treats afterward, which is quite adorable.

paralyzed cat getting treatment
Credit: YouTube

Another important thing you should know about Kelly and Guapo is that they require a little extra care because they can’t control when they need to use the bathroom. Nevertheless, both cats are lovely, friendly, and playful. Shelly says:

“Of the two, Kelly, the gray and white one, is a little more playful, and Guapo is a little more loving.”

man petting one of the paralyzed cats
Credit: YouTube

Without a doubt, whoever adopts these beauties will be the happiest person in the world, enjoying a life filled with furry joy!

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