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Bowie, The Cat With Rare-Colored Eyes, Will Leave You In Awe

Bowie, The Cat With Rare-Colored Eyes, Will Leave You In Awe

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This unusual cat with different-colored eyes was living on the streets until one day when luck smiled at him. 

The cat was later named Bowie, after David Bowie, for his unusual appearance and different-colored eyes which helped him to go viral on Instagram.

Bowie is living a happy life with a loving family, but it wasn’t always like that… He struggled very hard to get to the place where he’s now. This is his story!

Like many other cats, this one wandered the streets. The first step towards his eventual happiness was when he was rescued from the streets and taken to the vet.

After receiving all the necessary care, he was put up for adoption, and that’s when Maria Lloret found him. The moment she saw him, she knew they were going to be the best fur-iends ever!

Maria adopted this rescue cat and gave him the coolest name ever. She named him after David Bowie due to the cat’s unusual appearance, with his different-colored eyes, but also his charismatic and adventurous personality.

Still, there are slight differences between David Bowie and Bowie the cat. David had anisocoria which is actually a condition in which the pupils differ in size. On the other hand, Bowie the cat has heterochromia, meaning that he has different-colored eyes. 

Heterochromia is quite rare in cats, especially dark-colored ones. So, we can say that Bowie is definitely a special cat and I think the name suits him perfectly.

This condition, which is often referred to as “odd-eyed cats” is more common in white cats. However, if a cat carries the “white spotting gene”, it may have heterochromia, regardless of its coat color.

Besides his appearance, Bowie’s name suits him perfectly because of his personality too. He’s very adventurous and charismatic. He adores going on adventures with his mom, who he has been living with since adoption.

When Maria adopted Bowie, she knew he’s going to be special and popular, mostly for his dramatic look and cool personality. She just needed to give him a cool name to wrap it all up; and eventually she did!

Maria decided to create an Instagram account and share Bowie’s pictures and videos, but little did she know that it would go viral and become so popular on Instagram.

This is proof that adopting a cat really can turn into a cool and interesting story. Bowie is still rocking on Instagram and he has over 32K followers. He still lives with his mom Maria, and as it’s written in the description of his profile bowie__the__cat, he is:

“Mum’s aggressive little beast with Heterochrommia. Sweet and sassy at the same time!”

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