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22 Pictures Of Hiding Cats In Venice

22 Pictures Of Hiding Cats In Venice

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Get ready to see something you don’t see every day, and thank me later!

Marianna is a passionate cat photographer from Italy, and she has been working on a photographic series named “Cats in Venice” since 2017. 

Through her pictures, she’s trying to tell a story about each cat she finds in Venice, Italy. This idea came to her because people often ask her where to find cats in Venice, as it’s not easy at all. 

So, she’s trying to provide them with answers by photographing cats popping up from literally anywhere and remember, sometimes you have to look twice.

Keep scrolling and check out 22 stunning pictures of hiding cats in Venice. Enjoy!

#1 Kalypso 

a black cat peeks out the window

#2 Ziggy 

the cat hides behind the books

#3 Sandy 

the cat peeks out of the doorway

#4 Ray 

a black cat leaning against a pipe

#5 Blue And May 

Blue And May  are hiding

#6 Maya 

Maya is hiding in the backyard

#7 Matisse 

Matisse is sleeping on a blanket

#8 Maya 

Maya looks out the window

#9 Asia 

Asia is hiding in a drainpipe

#10 Sasha 

Sasha peeks at the door

#11 Nina 

Nina looks through the iron fence

#12 Nina La Rossa 

Nina La Rossa is hiding in the garden

#13 Maya 

Maya is hiding behind a wall

#14 Unknown 

Unknown looks out the window

#15 Van Gogh 

The Van Gogh cat is lying on a wheelchair

#16 Barina 

Barina is standing on the wall and hiding

#17 Lulu 

the cat hides in the pram

#18 Piuma 

a man takes a photo of a cat on the street

#19 Milo 

the cat is hiding in the dark on the street

#20 Mopsey 

the cat peeks at the door

#21 Kalypso 

the cat enters the window

#22 Mordicchio 

a black and white cat is hiding in the market

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