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Woman Discovers Terrified Cat Crying On The Roadside With All Four Legs Tied

Woman Discovers Terrified Cat Crying On The Roadside With All Four Legs Tied

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I must confess that some actions deeply frustrate me, particularly when they involve the mistreatment of animals. Stray cats often bear the brunt of such cruelty, whether they’re painted for amusement or harmed in other ways. 

My mom always taught me, “If you can’t help someone, at least don’t make their life harder!” I believe this principle should extend to our treatment of animals as well.

This is on my mind because I recently came across a heart-wrenching video on YouTube that also made my blood boil. 

In the video, a terrified stray cat was lying helplessly on the side of the road, with all four paws tied together. 

The poor tabby was crying out, desperately needing someone to free him from the bindings on his paws.

cat crying
Credit: YouTube

Thankfully, help soon arrived for the distressed tabby. A kind woman, in the midst of running errands, noticed the cat – terrified and alone, huddled near an old white bucket. 

Intent on helping him, she approached, but the cat fled, seeking refuge in a small hole in a nearby brick wall.

However, being an experienced cat rescuer and foster mom, she knew just how to coax the skittish feline out.

man helping poor cat with food
Credit: YouTube

Holding a tempting cat treat in her hand, the woman approached the hole and gently coaxed the little tabby. 

When she tugged on the visible end of the ribbon, the cat emerged and immediately indulged in his treat.

After he finished eating, she untied his paws and offered some comforting scratches to gain his trust and reassure him of her intentions. 

Before long, he was safely nestled in her arms, ready to be taken to his new home.

cat hiding
Credit: YouTube

As an experienced cat rescuer, the woman’s home was practically a feline paradise, filled with toys, climbing trees, scratchers, and other cat-friendly amenities. 

However, the moment his paws touched the floor of one of the rooms, the cat immediately sought another hiding spot. 

Overwhelmed by the unfamiliar surroundings, he retreated once again.

cat enjoying new home
Credit: YouTube

But the woman had a reliable trick up her sleeve. She brought out some delicious cat treats, and in no time, the kitty emerged to enjoy his meal. 

After eating, he began to explore every nook and cranny of his new forever home, growing more comfortable with each cautious step.

Gradually, he fully relaxed, allowing himself to soak in the love of his new humans – the kind of love he truly deserved.

cat lying in her bed
Credit: YouTube

The poor tabby likely had never experienced genuine love before. But thankfully, this kind woman rescued him, determined to undo all the bad things others did to him in the past.

Now, in the care of his compassionate new owner, the little tabby was finally ready to live his best feline life.

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