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Study Finds Cat People Are Smarter Than Dog People

Study Finds Cat People Are Smarter Than Dog People

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I’ve always loved all animals, but as we grow up, we just become cat people or dog people. Am I right? 

Looking at the common stereotypes, dog people are active, energetic, and extroverted. They also appear to be easy to read, while cat people are more introverted, judgemental, and you know, based on the stereotypes, kind of loners. 

Well, if this made you mad for one reason or another, just wait till you hear this…

A study on Personality Differences Between Dog People and Cat People found that cat people are more intelligent than dog people:

“On a more complex personality scale measuring more variables, dog people scored higher on warmth, liveliness, rule consciousness, and social boldness, whereas cat people scored higher on general intelligence, abstractedness, and self-reliance” (Guastello et al., 2017)

This study was carried out with 600 participants who were at the time undergraduate students enrolled in psychology courses at a private US university. Around 70% were declared as females, and the rest were declared as males. 

The survey consisted of a researcher-designed questionnaire, examining participants’ attitudes, feelings about specific pets, their history with pets, and such. The results showed, among other things, that cat people are more intelligent than dog people. 

science says, it not me

This might be because dogs appeal to more people overall, but still, it’s a fun fact! 

After reading through this research and the experiences of other people online, it got me thinking… How different are cat people and dog people really? Here’s my take on it… 

Cat People Vs Dog People

1. Cat People Are More Creative And Dog People Are Better At Plans

a cat stands in front of a woman with a paintbrush

Cat people are more likely to find a solution to the problem or come up with fresh, new, and original ideas. Whereas dog people make great planners, due to their self-discipline and a strong inner sense of duty.

2. Cat People Are More Independent And Dog People Love Company

the woman sits at the table and works, the cat cleans itself

Dog people are compassionate and are believed to be the best life partners. Cat people are similar to cats in that they’re highly independent. Cat people will enjoy spending time with their cat, watching TV, snuggling in a blanket, and eating snacks. 

While dog people are more outgoing, social, and enjoy spending time with other people. They just seem to have it easy making friends, just like dogs. 

3. Cat People Aren’t Likely To Blend In And Dog People Like Rules

Cat People Are Sarcastic While Dog People Are Tough-Minded

Dog people are more obedient than cat people; they follow the rules and tend to be cooperative. Cat people don’t follow traditional rules or tradition in general. They prefer to stand out from the crowd. 

4. Cat People Are Sarcastic While Dog People Are Tough-Minded

the cat lies on the floor and laughs while the woman with the hat also laughs

Cat people usually have a good sense of humor. They’re clever, sarcastic, and witty; they enjoy puns, satires, and good comedy. Whereas dog people are more focused on situations and things that need to be done, instead of emotions. 

5. Cat People And Dog People Are Open To New Experiences

a man and a woman with a dog and a cat are sitting by the fire

Both cat people and dog people are adventurous and courageous. They will probably have different tastes when it comes to the things they’ll try, but still. Cats are curious in nature and so are cat people. Dog people are outgoing and will try new things. 

6. Cat People Can Be Reserved And Dog People Are Empathetic 

a woman sits on an armchair and reads a book while a cat sits on her lap

Dog people usually have it in them to care for other people and their well-being. Cat people are more guarded, cautious, and reserved. 

7. Cat People Appreciate Affection And Dog People Are More Loyal

the girl is holding a cat in her arms

This does not mean that dog people won’t appreciate the love they receive, it just means that cat people appreciate every tiny bit of attention they receive. However, they’ll also require much more of it than dog people. 

Cat people often need to be assured that they’re loved and cared for, while dog people will be true friends and protectors. They are simply loyal and devoted to their loved ones and will always be there for you when you need them.

Differences exist, there’s no doubt about it. Check out this hilarious representation of what it is like to have a dog friend vs a cat friend.

In order to love a cat you simply have to be able to love it just for itself and enjoy the moments when your cat gives you its attention. Cats have their own lives, and dogs live for their owners.

Cat people differ from dog people on so many levels, due to personality traits, and many other factors. However, the differences between being extroverted and introverted make sense to most people.

If you’re a cat person, you’ll love being at home with your cat, and away from the outside world. Whereas dog people will love to go outside on walks and hang out with other dog lovers and their dogs. 

You know those times when you were at a friend’s house and you just felt like going home until a cat came up to you? Oh, the best feeling ever! Now you don’t need to go home, you can stay a bit longer (for as long as this cat will cuddle you). 

Cats and dogs differ a lot. Dogs are more dependent on their owners than cats are. Cats are more independent and seem much more intelligent as well. 

Well, they’re certainly more cunning than dogs.

the sly cat stands next to the dog

All in all, no matter if you’re a dog person or a cat person, if you’re more of an introvert or an extrovert, what’s important is that you treat your pet right. These stereotypes are not to judge! 

But it’s always good to read things like this because it might help you understand some things about yourself or your pets, or even help you decide which pet to get if you’re considering it. 

Science says that if you’re more of a ‘stay-at-home and snuggle up’ type, then a cat is the right choice for you!

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