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Caring Cat Crowned ‘Mother Of The Year’ For Her Incredible Devotion To An Orphaned Puppy

Caring Cat Crowned ‘Mother Of The Year’ For Her Incredible Devotion To An Orphaned Puppy

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It’s beyond amazing what cats are capable of, physically and emotionally. 

My cats are great at exploring and playing around the house; Mikey even loves to be walked on a leash and climb trees outdoors. Emotionally, they’re all really sweet and affectionate. 

I really believe they love me, and each other. Just recently I adopted another little cat. It’s been a while since they met someone new, but all of my cats accepted Loo in no time. They’re all really amazing to me. 

Likewise, I always admire cats like the one in the video below. She simply accepted what is usually considered the “cat’s worst enemy”; a helpless puppy who was abandoned by his mother. 

Have you ever seen a cat caring for a puppy before? Neither have I.

This cute little puppy was rejected by his own mother but, fortunately, he happened to be born on the same day as this mama cat’s kittens. This amazing cat adopted him as well, without a problem. 

cat licking puppy
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This cat’s motherly instincts were so strong that she started grooming and caring for the puppy the same way she took care of her own babies. 

mother cat with puppy and a kitten
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The puppy adapted quickly and happily to his new environment and his new furry family. However, they seem to have one problem…

mother cat laying with kitten and a puppy
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While the kittens and the puppy both suckle the cat, the puppy’s instinct prevails and he “disobeys all the rules”. Kittens have their own way and they know their teat by scent, which lets them all suckle in harmony.

This puppy has different ideas – it is in a dog’s nature to fight for his fair share of the milk. 

mother cat nursing puppy
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However, these furry babies are fine and their differences are kept at bay… for now. When they grow up, they will be different in almost every way. 

mother cat sleeping with kitten and a puppy
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We don’t know what happened to these babies and their mother cat afterward. What we can see from this video is that the puppy was saved, and that’s all that matters. 

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