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30 Hilarious Photos Of Cats In Christmas Trees

30 Hilarious Photos Of Cats In Christmas Trees

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Who doesn’t love the holiday season? Christmas is right around the corner, and guess who’s as excited as we are? Our furry friends, of course! 

But while you’re gearing up to deck the halls and trim the tree, your feline friend might be plotting to redecorate – with a little twist of their own! 

If you’ve got a cat, you’re already well-acquainted with their unique flair for home decor during the holidays. But if you’re a newbie in the world of cat parenting, fasten your seatbelts because you’re in for a treat!

Take a peek at some snapshots of other folks’ cats and their ‘contributions’ to Christmas tree decoration. Some of them seem convinced they’re the ultimate tree ornaments.

1. “Get a cat, they said… It’ll be fun”

cat stuck in a christmas tree
Credit: Reddit

He is a Christmas ornament! 

2. “Woke up to our cat trying to hide in the tree”

cat climbing christmas tree
Credit: Reddit

Perhaps he thought, “If I can’t see you, then you can’t see me either!”

3. A Golden Star (in the making)

cat on top of christmas tree
Credit: Reddit

Does anyone know where I can get a star like this for my Christmas tree?

4. “This doesn’t look like a cat tree, but it’ll do”

photo of cat climbing christmas tree
Credit: Flickr

These owners were smart because this year they went “no ornaments” style. Otherwise, the floor would be full of them. 

5. Clara Imagining She’s A Wild Cat In A Jungle Tree

cat in a christmas tree
Credit: Imgur

6. The Cat Approves This Year’s Christmas Tree

cat on a christmas tree with lights
Credit: Reddit

She looks so comfortable in the tree, almost as if it was meant for her.

7. A Majestic Tree Topper

cat on a tree as a topper
Credit: Imgur

Where do you people buy these amazing tree toppers?

8. “Moooom, the tree moved!”

I’m sure the Christmas tree moved by itself…

9. The Kitten Discovers A Christmas Tree

kitten trying to climb a christmas tree
Credit: Reddit

The kitten’s like, “This tree is for me? Aww, you shouldn’t have!”

10. Cat Helping Its Owners Take Down The Christmas Tree

cat reaching up a christmas tree
Credit: Reddit

Now this is one helping cat! I wonder how many times it “helped” take down the Christmas tree decorations…

11. “You Said Don’t Climb The Christmas Tree”

You didn’t say anything about “not touching” it…

cat lying on the side of the couch
Credit: Reddit

12. The Purrfect Christmas Ornament

cat in the middle of a christmas tree
Credit: Reddit

This kitten really loves its Christmas tree!

13. The Cat’s Not Even Sorry

cat lying by fallen christmas tree
Credit: Imgur

Just lying there, admiring its work.

14. Spot The Cat Challenge

Do you see it?

black cat in a christmas tree
Credit: Imgur

15. It’s My Tree! I’m Stayin’ In It

cat hiding in a christmas tree
Credit: Reddit

It looks like the cat has spoken… You might want to search for another tree to decorate it for Christmas. 

16. “We Set Up The Christmas Tree And Came Back To This”

ginger cat climbing christmas tree
Credit: Reddit

Oh, boy! That cat doesn’t look willing to come out of the tree.

17. Cat 1 – Christmas Tree 0

black cat by christmas tree
Credit: Reddit

18. “I’m The Prettiest Ornament In The House”

close-up photo of cat in a christmas tree
Credit: Pinterest

19. Must! Get! To! The Top!!!

This cat is determined to get to the star, one way or another.

20. “Cat owners! How do I keep this brat out of the Christmas tree?”

The simple answer is… You don’t!

cat peeking from a christmas tree
Credit: @kingsrush

21. It’s So Shiny!

Sometimes cats are just looking for the right ornament to see their reflection in, and that’s why they climb into the tree.

cat in a decorated christmas tree
Credit: Flickr

22. “Umm, hello? Did you need something?”

little kitten in a christmas tree
Credit: @kay.tee.9.9

23. “She’s so cute, how could I get mad?”

Yep, every cat parent struggles with it. Our cats are so darn cute that it’s hard to discipline them at times.

cat in a christmas tree close-up
Credit: @ldtech404

24. The Hide-And-Seek Pro

His owner says they play a game every morning, trying to find the cat. Every time he climbs the tree, he hides in a different spot.

25. All is calm, all is… cat?

I almost didn’t see this little rascal!

26. “My advent calendar is just me pulling my cat out of the Christmas tree every day”

Hahaha, I totally get it! My advent calendar last year was: picking up the fallen ornaments from the floor.

27. “Eva likes to sit in the Christmas tree”

To be honest, if I was Eva, I’d do the same thing. 

28. Can You See Me?

29. Introducing The “New Christmas Decor”

30. Did You Take My Pic? Did You?

photo of cat peeking from a christmas tree
Credit: @seonbiremi

Jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way,

Oh, what fun it is to find

Your cat sitting in the tree, hey!

Hope these funny photos added some extra holiday cheer to your day. Feel free to share the festive spirit with your friends!

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