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12 Photos Of Cats Looking Completely Overwhelmed By Parenthood

12 Photos Of Cats Looking Completely Overwhelmed By Parenthood

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Parenthood brings about many joys… but it also brings about many challenges. These cats do not seem to be ready for those challenges! 

Check out these 12 photos of cats who have just realized what it actually means to be a parent after bringing kittens into the world. It’s both cute and hilarious at the same time.

1. Do they ever stop eating?

2. Which one is meowing? I have no idea anymore.

3. This is a lot of kids, I did not plan this!

4. I need some sleep…

5. How did this happen…?

6. I changed my mind! I’m not ready to be a mother!

7. Whatcha lookin’ at? Get me out!

8. Just a few more years and he’s off to college… 

The joys of motherhood
by u/Valens in aww

9. This is my life now, ha?

10. So, does it get easier any time soon?

11. Maybe if you put them on this stuffed bear here… they won’t notice I’m gone.

My cat recently had kittens, her face is priceless.

12. Are you sure all of them are mine?

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