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Cat’s Hilarious Reaction To Owner Slicing Her Cake Doppelgänger Will Make Your Day

Cat’s Hilarious Reaction To Owner Slicing Her Cake Doppelgänger Will Make Your Day

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Aren’t cats the weirdest? I just love their quirky habits and silly reactions to things happening around them. 

For instance, my cat has this habit of staring at me every time I’m putting on my makeup, and her stare is so intense it’s as if she caught me in the act of committing a crime.

To be honest, in many ways, my kitty reminds me of the star of today’s story whose bewildered stare takes the cake – literally! 

Are you intrigued yet? Keep scrolling because there’s a hilarious video waiting for you that you definitely shouldn’t miss!

cat looking at cat shaped cake
Credit: YouTube

In the video, a beautiful British Shorthair cat, nestled in a woman’s arms, watches intently as her owner opens a large white box. Inside is a special surprise: A cake that looks exactly like the cat herself!

Shocked yet intrigued, the cat goes to investigate, eager to determine who this sudden (and dare I say uninvited) guess is.

cat sniffing the cake
Credit: YouTube

The cat sniffs the uncanny replica from top to bottom and even nibbles on its whiskers. After a thorough investigation, she steps back, visibly confused by the sight.

However, her confusion quickly escalates to dismay as her owner brings out a knife and begins slicing the cake from head down.

Just look at how terrified this kitty looks! Her expression seems to scream, “Mom, what are you doing with my fren?”

Watch her priceless reaction here:

This hilarious video was posted by the YouTube creator Everything Is Cake? and quickly racked up over 24 million views.

People in the comment section seem to love the video and the cat’s reaction. One person joked: 

“The cat was probably thinking “I’m next!”

While another person jokingly remarked:

“The Cat is probably having an existential crisis wondering if he’s also made of cake”

cats funny reaction
Credit: YouTube

To say I’ve watched this video more than a dozen times would be an understatement. I’m so happy I stumbled upon it because it literally made my day. 

I even showed it to my kitty, but she was unimpressed. Maybe I should get her a cake that looks like her to see what she thinks then, haha. 

What about you? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Please, share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

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