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Mother Cat and Her Kittens Saved Just In Time After Being Trapped Inside A Wall Pillar

Mother Cat and Her Kittens Saved Just In Time After Being Trapped Inside A Wall Pillar

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It can be really risky when you get stuck in a small space, and it’s not just dangerous for people, but for animals too. This happened to one mommy cat and her little kittens when they got stuck inside a wall pillar. 

It all started when Song Soo-Yeon heard some cries coming from inside the structure of her apartment.

guy and cat in a rooftop
Source: YouTube

When she checked it out, she found out that the cries were actually coming from cats. She even saw some footprints near a hole in the ceiling. 

The sounds of the cries seemed like they were coming from multiple cats, so she believed that there could be several kittens stuck in there.

Song knew she had to do something, so she decided to call the rescue team. When the team arrived, they followed the path and reached the ceiling and pillars to check them. 

stuck kitten
Source: YouTube

Once they opened the ceiling, the cries got louder, and they found a little kitten stuck deep inside the pillar. They continued to investigate and found the mother cat and another kitten trapped in a nearby compartment. 

Sadly, the tight space and no way to climb up meant that the cat family couldn’t get out.  Things got even worse when they found out that the cats had been stuck there for four days with no food or water.

mother cat and kittens stuck
Source: YouTube

As soon as they realized how serious the situation was, they quickly asked for additional assistance. Veterinarians were called to the scene and they managed to give some water to the mother cat through a tiny opening.

Upon further inspection, they found out one of the kittens didn’t make it. The condition of the remaining kitten was getting worse rapidly, and the vet knew they needed immediate rescue.

cat in a wall pillar
Source: YouTube

It took quite some time, but luckily, the mother cat and kittens were rescued one at a time. However, the challenges didn’t end there. 

They needed urgent care to treat hypothermia and low blood sugar from being without food and water. 

Luckily, the last kitten improved after treatment and started to warm up. They were all taken to the hospital for a complete check-up.

kitten at vets
Source: YouTube

With time, the mama cat and the orange kitten got better. The gray kitten, on the other hand, required extra attention to bounce back from low blood sugar shock. 

Thankfully, the treatment worked and he also made it through the tough situation. No one knows how the cats ended up there, but the vet thinks that one of the kittens might have slipped first, causing the mother cat to leap down to rescue her baby.

After a couple of days resting at the hospital, the cat family was all set for a fresh start. And guess what? They found a wonderful forever home! 

two cute newborn kittens
Source: YouTube

On top of that, Song made sure to close up the hole in the ceiling to avoid any more mishaps in the future.

I’m really thankful to the people who acted fast – from Song Soo-Yeon who heard the cries first, to the crew who looked into it, and especially the vet who provided care. Their kindness and knowledge made a huge impact on this cat family. They truly inspire me!

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