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These Cats Can Spy On Shop Customers As Much As They Like Thanks To This Innovative Idea

These Cats Can Spy On Shop Customers As Much As They Like Thanks To This Innovative Idea

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Every cat parent knows that cats are curious, sometimes way too curious. Whenever I take my laptop to work or engage in any activity, my cats immediately show up to see what I am up to.

It seems that this shop owner faced a similar challenge, which sparked a brilliant idea.

The shop owner added a special feature to his shop to provide his feline friends with the best spy experience ever.

Two cat spying
source: SCMcrocodile

The shop owner transformed the space above the ceiling into a cozy attic where his cats could hang out. But wait… it gets better!

The ceiling is now even more special because the owner replaced a few ceiling tiles with glass tiles. 

That allows his cats to enjoy their spying adventures while having a purrfect view of the shop and everyone inside.

Shop with two cats in ceiling
source: SCMcrocodile

Seeing these furry creatures from below is both hilarious and confusing. Just imagine the customers’ reactions when they notice cats observing them from above. 

I can’t blame them; it’s not every day you see floating cats spying on you, haha!

What’s even better is that these professional spies aren’t demanding at all. All they want is to be fed on time. Is that too much to ask for?

Well, if the owner is just a few seconds late with their meals, trust me, his cats know how to teach him a lesson!

Two fat cats in the ceiling
source: SCMcrocodile

They trash their home in a minute to show their dissatisfaction. It’s simply a cat thing!

But when they receive their meals promptly, they become the sweetest cats. They’re happy and will continue watching the shop as soon as they finish their meals. 

Interestingly, most customers are surprised to see cats above them. However, many of them praise the owner’s ingenious idea, just like everyone on the internet who has witnessed this awesome purrangement!

Cats made a diasaster
source: SCMcrocodile

Cat parents often go to great lengths to ensure their beloved furry friends are happy. 

Here are some similar examples that will entertain you and maybe inspire ideas for your own feline companion!

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