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Cats Vs Mirrors: The Ultimate Face-Off

Cats Vs Mirrors: The Ultimate Face-Off

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Here’s a list of cats discovering mirrors for the first time, because cats discovering mirrors will never not be funny!

1. Oh, I will sneak up on you!

2. Intrudeeeer!

She discovered herself in the mirror and thought it was an intruder cat that needed to be growled at and batted around slightly

3. Who is this distinguished gentleman?

4. This must be some kind of a portal…

by u/toiletpaperclutch123 in cats

5. What are these?!

6. I will win this battle!

O Cat What Do u Do…?

7. I look, he looks. I look away, he looks away…

8. One day, the two of us will meet…

cat looking at mirror
Photo from:

9. What in the world…

The cat’s uncomfortable expression when looking in the mirror
by u/NguyenAnhDao in aww

10. There are so many of us!

funny cat in a mirror looking
Photo from:

11. Moooom! Get in here!

Someone discovered mirror today
by u/WongOnSoManyLevels in aww

12. I pet you, you pet me… I pet myself?


13. Look what I can do

14. Peek A Boo

15. …who’s the fairest of them all?

Mirror, mirror.

16. Who… who are you?

17. You talkin’ to me?

18. Day 3, the ginger clone is still here…

19. I am scared to death right now!

20. You Are Beautiful!

21. Who is this fine-looking kitty over here?!

22. There’s a cat in a box in this glass box…

23. OMG, he sees me!

24. You and I… we shall rule the world!

25. I don’t know who you are, but I demand you tell me what you’re doing in my house!

26. O hello you…

27. Look at these two… imitators!

28. One final look before I go out…

29. Hey hooman, there’s a cat in the car mirror!

30. What in the makeup world is this?

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