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Here Are 10 Cat Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Here Are 10 Cat Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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It is nothing new that cats are becoming more and more popular. It has been a long time since cats were just pets and mousers. 

Cats have long been beloved pets that we treat more like kids with fur rather than just animals. People around the world are enamored with cats, and the internet undoubtedly loves them! 

With the rise of social media, came a rise in cats’ popularity as well. It has never been easier for cat lovers to share their love for cats and show their pet cats to people all around the world. 

Cat videos, shorts, and reels make up some of the most viewed content on the internet. This is not only because of memes or people sharing their pet cats; Hollywood has also brought its fair share of feline obsession. 

Other than famous cat actors, there are many cats who got famous just because of their owner’s or the internet’s wittiness and sense of humor! 

Check out these top 10 most popular cats from memes that are now basically a part of millennial history.

10. Anxiety Cat Meme

cat anxiety meme
Photo from:

This is one of those memes that hit the heart. Lol! Every anxiety cat meme starts off depicting a certain situation and ends with an anxious reaction. 

Even though these situations are mostly exaggerated, they are relatable to many of us, which is what makes them hilarious in the end.

9. Cats With Prosthetic Hands

This Cat With Prosthetic Human Hands Is Going Viral
Photo from:

A few years back, a Twitter user @apricotbelly posted quite a few photos of their cat with tiny prosthetic hands. It went viral! After this cat, others followed! 

There are some owners who put tiny prosthetic hands and make it look like their cats are thinking and even looking like therapists in a session. Simple, yet hilarious! 

8. Coughing Cat

coughing cat meme
Photo from: @idascreatures

This is yet another funny cat face we’ve all seen countless times, and it was created by an Instagram user called @idascreatures who loves to photoshop different animals and make these hilarious faces. 

7. Overly Attached Cat

overly attached cat meme
Photo from:

Lmao! When I went on Reddit to get a picture for this meme, the first comment there was “this meme is not going to be a thing” hahaha, boy was this person wrong!

The overly attached cat meme overtook the crazy ex-girlfriend meme like it never even existed! And not to mention it’s on the list of the top 10 cat memes. 

6. Crying Cat Meme

cat cry meme
Photo from:

This meme appeared from an anonymous person using the online meme generator, but it went viral years after it first appeared. 

Today there are many different cats being photoshopped to have these sparkly, sad eyes, but the original was this white one. I honestly use it as a sticker on a daily basis! Lol. 

5. Sad Cat With A Glass Of Wine

cat with a glass of wine meme
Photo from: @loveyoustepan

This is actually a real cat and I love him, lol. His name is Stepan and he’s hilarious. His facial expression is super relatable to many people and their everyday life situations. 

I mean, we all sometimes just sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine, but there’s nothing that can wipe off that “I’m so done with this life” look on our faces. 

4. Polite Cat Meme

polite cat meme
Photo from:

This meme went viral on 9gag back in 2018, and it’s still going strong. People all over the internet laughed at how polite this cat’s face looked, and that’s how they started writing different situations in the caption. 

It’s usually a meme that explains how we sometimes keep negative emotions inside because we have to “act politely” or basically “suck it up” and live through unpleasant or unwanted situations. 

Of course, the cat’s face is photoshopped, but that just makes the meme even funnier to most people. 

3. Heavy Breathing Meme

Heavy Breathing Cat
Photo from:

This is one of the most relatable memes ever, for me at least. This is because it mostly depicts how we feel when we see food; when it arrives at the restaurant, or when we watch videos of food, and so on. 

However, there are many variations of it today, from food to love, or basically any situation that would make you “breathe heavily”. 

2. Cat At Dinner Table

woman yelling at a cat meme
Photo from:

Ňow, this is one of my favorite memes ever. What’s more interesting is that the woman that’s yelling at the cat in the meme, actually met the cat and they have a sort of friendship. 

The woman that is “yelling at the cat” is Taylor Armstrong, and it is her screenshot from an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that’s used for the meme. 

The cat’s name is Smudge, and he’s a white cat that became famous because of his facial expression at this dinner table. With just a little bit of imagination, and we know the internet doesn’t lack that, we have many quality memes to look at!

1. Grumpy Cat

grumpy cat meme
Photo from:

Grumpy Cat is one of the richest cats in the world. She is a real cat and this face was real as well. However, people didn’t believe the owner that Grumpy’s face wasn’t photoshopped, which is why the owner posted a video as well.

The video went viral and Grumpy Cat became a worldwide sensation overnight.

And there you have it. Cats are widely known for their laid-back nature and mystery. With just a little bit of imagination, we go from a simple cat’s gaze to a judgmental look in no time. 

Cats have a way of calming us down, but they also make us smile in a way no human can! Why have cats become so popular? It’s due to many factors, including their sweet yet mysterious nature, witty owners, and, of course, the internet.

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