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Fluffy Kitten With Twisted Legs Remains Unstoppable Winning Hearts With Her Charisma

Fluffy Kitten With Twisted Legs Remains Unstoppable Winning Hearts With Her Charisma

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This cute little gray kitten named Lady Purrl has captured the hearts of many people, not just with her twisted legs but with her personality and persistent nature. 

When she was just 9 weeks old, Lady Purrl arrived at the Alaska Cat Adoption Team hoping to find a loving home and a better life than she had had up to that point. She didn’t have a clue what was about to happen…

photo of kitten named Lady Purrl

When she arrived at ACAT, Lady Purrl was talked about with Alaska’s KAAAT, Alaska’s Kitty Advocacy Awareness Adoption, and Tails. This is an organization that also runs various programs for animals with disabilities.

Shannon, their representative, organized an appointment with a vet so they could examine Lady Purr and evaluate her condition. 

adorable photo of Lady Purrl lifting paws in the air

They wanted to check if Lady Purrl could lead a good life after all…

Lady Purrl plays with another kitten

Everyone was surprised when they found out that Lady Purrl was in much better condition than they had thought. Her twisted legs did not slow her down one bit! 

The twisted legs are the result of a spinal injury, but she was full of charisma; her personality, and nature were strong and persistent. As Shannon said:

“Lady Purrl won everyone’s hearts at the vet clinic, with her feisty, resilient, affectionate nature.”

lady purrl sitting on a blanket

What’s more, Lady Purrl’s x-rays showed that she was perfectly fine and could jump, play, and run just like any other kitten. She was doing just fine in her new home at KAAAT.

Shannon introduced her to other animals living there, including a cat that had lost the use of his hind legs, named Harpurr. 

Harpurr was too thrilled to meet his new playmate. They accepted each other in no time, reminding us all to love one another without judgment and prejudice.

Cinder, a dog that lived there as well, accepted Lady Purrl as well. She was more than happy to meet her as she fostered rescued kittens before. 

photo of Lady Purrl and Cinder

Lady Purrl quickly adapted and became a loving member of this unique family. 

Now, Lady Purr is a gorgeous fluffy feline who enjoys spending time with her furry friends. 

You can follow their journey on Instagram.

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