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This Museum In Oklahoma City Has The Most Playful Furry Resident And You Have To Meet Him

This Museum In Oklahoma City Has The Most Playful Furry Resident And You Have To Meet Him

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It’s no secret that some of our feline friends around the world have unique living arrangements. But did you know there’s a cat in Oklahoma City whose home address is a museum? 

Yup, it’s true! His name is Indiana Bones, he lives in the Museum of Osteology, and he’s always up for a game of hide and seek with both employees and the museum’s visitors. Let’s dive into his story!

Indiana was rescued a couple of years ago by the museum’s staff members Brenna, Kristin, and Ally, who were keen on having a furry companion in their office. 

They believed having a cat around would boost morale and team spirit. So, they pitched the idea to their general manager, Josh, who thankfully supported it and gave them the green light to adopt a cat from a local shelter.

So, they went to Moore Animal Welfare and Adoption Center in search of their first office cat.

They agreed to look for a kitten who could grow up in the museum. However, Kristin had her eyes set on a special feline – an older black male cat named Onyx.

It was love at first sight for both of them! Kristin was so sweet; she showered Onyx with affection, which he gladly accepted. 

Throughout their visit, Kristin never left his side. She drew her coworkers’ attention to her new feline friend, and to everyone’s surprise – they loved him too!

The Moore Animal Welfare Adoption Center waived Onyx’s adoption fee, provided him with his shots, and even supplied the women with some cat food and toys for him to enjoy. 

With everything sorted, it was time to take Onyx to his new forever home!

Once settled in, his new family decided to give him a fitting new name: Indiana Bones. Since he lived in a museum filled with skeletons, the name seemed perfect. 

They even added the title “Sir” to his name for good measure.

Initially a bit timid, Indiana soon warmed up to his new surroundings. With so many exciting things to play with and explore, he quickly became a playful and affectionate kitty, winning over the hearts of everyone at the museum.

Today, Indiana is one happy feline! He spends his weekdays at the museum and enjoys weekends at Kirstin’s or Brenna’s place. 

Apparently, he has some unique interests, too. He’s crazy about porcupine quills, acting like that’s his catnip.

Check out this video posted on his TikTok and see for yourself just how much he adores porcupine quills:


Did I ever mention how much I love porcupine quills? I don’t know why I love them but I do. Unfortunately….the Kitty Committee has banned me from rolling in them. 🐈‍⬛🐾 #indianabones #kittycommittee #pawsitivityproject #blackcat #skullsunlimited #catsoftiktok #boneheads #onlyinoklahoma #catnip #porcupinequills

♬ I Really Want It – The Red Collective

He also loves to play with bones, rub against antlers, and is undoubtedly the biggest fan of the huge elephant skull they have in the museum. He just loves to lay underneath it and nap during the day. 

But his absolute favorite activity? Playing hide and seek! With the museum being such a vast space, Indiana has endless hiding spots to jump scare and surprise unsuspecting visitors and staff.

Thanks to his Instagram profile, people from all over the country come to this museum in Oklahoma City to meet Sir Indiana Bones. He loves the attention and greets each guest with enthusiasm. 

Many visitors come specifically to see him, making him the museum’s best advertisement! Someone deserves a raise, right?

If you’re anything like me, you’re already looking up plane tickets to visit the Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma. I would really love to meet Sir Indiana Bones, and I’m sure you feel the same way! 

If you’ve already met him, please share your impressions in the comments below. Is he as magical as he looks?

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