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This Company Pays Its Employees For Every Cat They Rescue

This Company Pays Its Employees For Every Cat They Rescue

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Imagine a workplace where cats are not just welcome but celebrated, and where employees are rewarded for rescuing and adopting them. That’s the heartwarming reality at Ferray Corporation, an IT company.

At Ferray, feline friends have found a loving home, and their presence is making a positive impact on the workplace. 

The employees are happier, stress levels have plummeted, and work efficiency has soared, thanks to these furry companions. 

It’s like having a ‘bring your cat to work’ day every day!

But here’s the icing on the cake: Ferray Corporation goes the extra mile by offering its workers a reward of approximately $35 for each cat they rescue or adopt. 

It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, and this heartwarming story has resonated with people worldwide.

Take a peek into their daily routine:


cat sitting on the laptop


funny cat with keyboard


cat sitting on the meeting


cat holding tight on the monitor


cat in shirt of employee


cats watching over employees


kitten and cat kissing


two cats on the desk


cat hugging the employee


cat on projector

Isn’t it amazing? It’s no wonder they all eagerly anticipate their workdays. What’s your take on this pawsitively wonderful workplace?

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