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Watch How These Kitties Take The Art Of Sunbathing To A Whole New Level

Watch How These Kitties Take The Art Of Sunbathing To A Whole New Level

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Everyone knows cats don’t like bathing, but sunbathing… Now that’s a whole different story haha. My cats love to lie around all those sunny spots in our house. Once the sun shines through our windows, I know where each of them will “park” themselves.

Mikey will go first and grab the sofa, while Freddie and Loo will share a window perch. The rest will climb the top of the cat tree once the sun hits it, or lie on the floor moving as the sun moves.

Cats love to nap and relax, and is there anything better than relaxing in the sun after a long day of playtime and food? 

The following 25 cats sure know how to enjoy sunny days, and they look incredibly cute while they do it. I’m sure they’ll put a smile on your face. Check it out!

1. This Cat Knows How To Enjoy

2. Just Chillin’ In The Sun

3. This Tabby “Worships The Sun” In His Free Time


Sun cat
by u/hagafa10000 in bengalcats

5. Feelin’ Good

6. When The Sun Moves, I Move

7. Lazy Afternoon Lying In The Sun


9. Catching Rays Of Sunshine


11. Give Me All The Vitamin D!



14. Loving The Sun


16. Sun Never Felt So Good…



19. Sometimes Acting Like A Plant Is What Needs To Be Done


Found this cat enjoying the sun while I was visiting a museum in Granada
by u/apenrots in cats


22. Nothing Beats A Sunny Day


Cat in sun
by u/X_3v1L_Goose in cats


My cat wanted to model in the sun, who am i to say no?
by u/schevva in cats


Cat plugged in to Sun charger
by u/Mafeotul in cats

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