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Georgia Woman Discovers Furry Intruders In Her Backyard And Ends Up Fostering Them 

Georgia Woman Discovers Furry Intruders In Her Backyard And Ends Up Fostering Them 

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Stray cats carefully choose a place to have their kittens. Since these poor souls have to fend for themselves, having kittens in the tough streets can be a challenge.

In today’s story I’ll tell you about a stray cat who found refuge in a woman’s backyard, so get ready to hear all about it. 

tiny kittens in yard
Credit: TikTok 

Crystal is a busy mom and food blogger from Auburn, Georgia. She was running her usual errands around the house when she heard an unusual sound coming from her backyard. 

a cat on the tree
Credit: TikTok 

She immediately rushed out to investigate and to her surprise, a little furry family moved into her backyard!


When a stray cat has her kittens in your backyard…

♬ original sound – Crystal

A total of four adorable kittens and their mama found refuge under a tree in Crystal’s backyard. These adorable fuzzballs were not used to people and they were quick to show Crystal just how feisty they are!

surprised woman holding a cat
Credit: TikTok 

Mama cat was a gorgeous black fluffball and although she was hissing at Crystal, she still let her assess her kittens.

Crystal took each kitten and made sure these feisty fur balls were healthy. Unfortunately, one of the kittens seemed to have an eye infection and Crystal decided to bring them inside her house as soon as possible.

mama cat with kittens
Credit: TikTok 

She made a cozy spot for the little furry family, however, she soon noticed something heartbreaking.

The tiny tabby kitten with the eye infection couldn’t walk! The poor soul was only able to move her back legs, while her front paws were completely flat on the floor.

kitten in a veterinarian hands
Credit: TikTok 

Worried, Crystal immediately made an appointment with her vet. The next morning the whole furry family was in the animal hospital. 

Dr. Neal examined the kitten and told Crystal that the poor baby’s muscles were just stiff, causing her front paws to seem flat. The good news was that with a lot of exercise, she would be able to lead a normal cat life!

kitty jumping in bedroom
Credit: TikTok 

Crystal named her Scoot since she was constantly scooting around on her hind paws. Fortunately, over the next few days and a lot of exercise, little Scoot started using her front paws and playing around!

Mama cat was still a bit feisty, however, the kittens completely came out of their shells! They were cuddling and playing with Crystal while discovering the world around them. 

kitten plays with ball of fur
Credit: TikTok 

Little Scoot started using the scratch post with her front legs and it was a heartwarming experience for their foster mama Crystal.

In the latest update posted on Crystal’s TikTok page, the kittens became a playful bunch creating chaos around the house! Although mama cat is still hissing at everyone, Crystal knows that with time she will turn into a real cuddle bug.

woman with black cat
Credit: TikTok 

The furry family will stay with Crystal until she finds loving forever homes for them and if you want to keep up with their adventures, make sure to follow them on TikTok!

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