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Driver Notices His Pedal ‘Keeps Getting Stuck’ And The Mechanic’s Discovery Shocks Him

Driver Notices His Pedal ‘Keeps Getting Stuck’ And The Mechanic’s Discovery Shocks Him

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Picture this: you’re driving, and your pedal keeps getting stuck. Naturally, you’d head to your mechanic to figure out the problem.

That’s exactly what this man did, but he had no idea his “car trouble” would be anything but ordinary. His pedal was indeed sticking, but not for any typical reason. It wasn’t a mechanical fault at all, but rather a furry little stowaway causing the issue.

cat hidden in a car
Source: TikTok

The driver shared a TikTok video detailing how the mechanic inspected the area around and behind the car’s pedal. And what was hiding behind the gas pedal? A frightened cat, tucked away in its unexpected hideout.

You might assume discovering a cat in your car would send you into a frenzy, right? However, this cat looked super relaxed. We all know cats can make themselves comfy any place… As the man humorously noted in the video’s caption:

“8 lives left so we all good.” 

So, what’s the story with this fluffy hitchhiker? It seems he’d made himself quite comfortable, likely thinking he’d discovered the perfect hideaway. Fortunately, it all ended well. The mechanic gently removed him, and everything was back to normal.

No damage to the cat or the car.

cat stuck in a car
Source: TikTok

However, the video quickly went viral, racking up millions of views, tons of likes, and countless comments in no time. 

Everyone was having a good laugh while some were also concerned for the cat’s safety. Pretty typical for the internet, right? And the jokes in the comments? Pure gold.

“Don’t worry, the cat checked the problem already. He said, ‘It’s fine.'” 

Another user commented: “Car guy here. Looks like something is wrong with the cat converter.”

Concerns were raised about whether the cat was injured, to which the driver assured that the cat was unharmed, albeit a bit scared.

white cat stuck in a car
Source: TikTok

It appears not everyone took his word for it. Facing some skepticism and complaints, the man felt compelled to upload another video from his security cameras to show that the cat was truly all right.

@matt_woj Replying to @LogieBerra ♬ The Funny Bassoon – Eitan Epstein Music

One person remarked: “Now I can sleep peacefully. Thanks!”

The most important thing to note is that the cat was safely rescued. This video serves as an important reminder for all of us to check our cars before driving. 

Always make sure no one’s hiding under the hood, especially during the winter when stray animals might seek shelter there. We certainly don’t want any unexpected guests tampering with our vehicles.

white cat under car pedals
Source: TikTok

So, if you ever hear an odd sound coming from under the hood, don’t panic. It could just be a furry friend searching for a warm place to stay. Plus, a quick honk can help scare them away and safely solve the problem.

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