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Couple’s Date Night Takes Heartwarming Turn As They Rescue A Small Kitten

Couple’s Date Night Takes Heartwarming Turn As They Rescue A Small Kitten

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One regular night turned into something magical for a couple heading out for a good time. Just as they pulled up, the husband noticed a small, delicate kitten who was clearly in distress. 

This unplanned encounter was the start of a touching adventure full of kindness, strength, and the happiness of caring for others.

When they approached, the wife was shocked by how skinny and fragile the kitten looked. As she shared for The Dodo:

“We were on our way for wine and music and as we pulled up, my husband saw a teeny, tiny little kitten. And I thought ‘I’m never going to get to wine tonight.'”

too small kitten in hand
Credit: YouTube

The little kitten looked very ill and exhausted. She was so small, she could’ve easily curled up inside a teacup. After realizing the kitten wouldn’t make it on her own, they decided to help her. 

The couple named her EJ, in honor of their previous foster kitten named Erica Jr. who had sadly passed away. The wife continued:

“I don’t know how he spotted her because she was so thin and all by herself. I don’t think she would have made it through the night.”

little kitten rescued
Credit: YouTube

EJ was fighting a dangerous infection that put her life at risk, and as a result, she lost a significant amount of weight. In the face of this difficult situation, the couple decided to take matters into their own hands. 

They diligently fed her through a tube, kept her warm in an incubator, and even gave her a teddy bear to bring her comfort. The wife mentioned:

“She was fighting either a viral or bacterial infection. Her weight was going down. She would not swallow on her own, so we started tube-feeding. She was in an incubator. I put a teddy bear in there with her as her little buddy and someone to snuggle with.”

tiny kitten eating
Credit: YouTube

Their unwavering commitment and affection gradually began to have a positive impact. EJ’s progress took a positive turn when she started eating independently. As the time went on, the couple kept a close eye on her development. The wife shared:

“We were just so happy when she could finally eat on her own. That was a great day because I knew that she was growing and she was thriving. The fact that she not only survived but flourished – it’s amazing!”

After she gained an entire pound, they organized a special party called a “one-pound party” in her honor. It was a way to celebrate her achievements and have a good time. 

kitten in hand with balloons
Credit: YouTube

Over time, EJ grew from a tiny kitten into a lively and energetic one who loved to eat. Additionally, the wife made sure to text her husband every time the kitten reached a new milestone.

After recovering, she was all set for her forever home. Even though it was hard for the couple to say goodbye, they were overjoyed when a caring family took EJ in. 

cute kitten wrapped into blanket
Credit: YouTube

Watching the first video of EJ flourishing with her family in her new home brought them great joy. The wife continued:

“She loved to run around and play, and so I knew it was time to go to a family. We were so excited when a family wanted to adopt her. I’m not going to lie, I missed her terribly when she got adopted. But the first video her new family sent me in her new home – that was fantastic!”

kitty playing
Credit: YouTube

EJ has finally found her forever home and will now be showered with all the love and care she deserves. It’s truly heartwarming to see how fostering and adopting animals in need can completely change their lives. 

This just goes to show the incredible impact that acts of compassion can have on both animals and humans who open their hearts to them. 

If you’re interested in seeing EJ’s heartwarming story, make sure to watch the video below.

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