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Most Amazing Facts About Cats

Most Amazing Facts About Cats

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Prepare to feel all warm and cozy inside with these captivating cat facts! You may already adore your cat, but do you truly understand how awesome cats really are? 

For example, did you know that cats exclusively meow to communicate with us? They have many other sounds for interactions with fellow cats, saving their meows just for us.

As it becomes clear, our feline friends are much more than meets the eye. To help you appreciate just how great our feline friends can be, here are some of the most amazing cat facts!

#Cat Facts: Physiology And Anatomy

cat looking straight

• Cats are among the few mammals that cannot taste sugar.

• While cats are nearsighted, their night vision and peripheral vision surpass ours.

• Cats are great jumpers, capable of jumping up to 6 times their body length.

• Cats’ curved claws enable them to descend trees in reverse.

• Cats even have more bones than us, totaling 230 compared to our 206.

• Cats, besides the “extra bones”, have an extra organ as well. The Jacobson organ allows them to receive information about scents solely through the air. 

• Cats have whiskers on their front legs.

• Cats, camels, and giraffes are the only animals that walk with both their right feet at the same time, and then the left. 

Cats’ tails help them in balance. Especially when they’re jumping or walking across a narrow path. 

• Some cats are born with polydactylism, meaning they have more toes than usual.

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#Cat Facts: Wellness And Health

cat resting on the floor

• Cats spend approximately 12 to 16 hours a day sleeping.

• Cats are crepuscular, i.e. most active at dusk and dawn. 

• Grooming occupies about 50% of their waking time.

• Cats are able to refuse food they don’t like to the point of almost starving themselves.

• Female cats can start mating as early as four months old. 

• Neutering/spaying can actually extend your cat’s lifespan

#Cat Facts: Communication Signs

cute kitty on sofa

• If a cat’s tail is in the shape of a question mark, then your cat wants to play. 

• Slowly blinking at you is a sign of affection, akin to blowing a kiss

• Cats have scent glands in different areas on their body, and by rubbing their face on you, cats mark you as their territory and display ownership. 

• Cats hiss out of fear and it’s defensive, not aggressive. 

• If your cat vibrates its tail, it’s happy to see you. 

• Cats knead, or “make biscuits”, because they are happy and content. 

Cats flop and show their belly when they feel safe.

• When your cat wags its tail, beware; this is a sign of anger.

• If your cat paws at you with its claws retracted, it’s playtime. 

• When a cat drapes its tail over your leg, your dog, or some other pet, it’s a sign of friendship. 

• Cats have many different sounds and different types of meows. Some meows are only for people. 

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#Cat Facts: Unusual Behavior

a flower on cats nose

• Many cats prefer anything else over regular water bowls. (e.g. faucets, fountains, etc.)

• Cats tend to groom other cats, and even their owners. 

• Cats love sleeping in spots that smell like you. 

Cats love boxes

• Male cats will go above and beyond to reach a female cat in heat. 

• Some cats love licking their owner’s freshly washed hair. 

• Cats hate citrus smells

• Many cats are thieves! They like collecting small objects. 

• Cats tend to wake us up at the same time every day. 

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More Surprising Cat Facts

three cats outdoor

• Cats’ purring vibrates within a frequency range of 25 to 150 Hz, believed to aid in muscle and bone repair.

• A group of kittens is called, and I kid you not, a Kindle! A kindle of kittens. A-do-ra-ble!

• Cats are super smart and can be toilet trained.

• In case of life-and-death situations, cats can survive on seawater. 

• Cats dream too. 

• Each cat has a unique nose print, just like we have unique fingerprints.

• The first ever cat video, that is known to be recorded, was in 1894. You can watch it here:

These would be the most amazing cat facts summed up. If you know any other interesting facts that we may have missed and should be included in our lists, feel free to comment on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!

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