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A Crying Mother Cat Takes Desperate Measures To Save Her Kitten’s Life

A Crying Mother Cat Takes Desperate Measures To Save Her Kitten’s Life

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A group of men was on their way to feed the stray cats like they did every day, but this time, something unexpected happened. Out of nowhere, a crying mother cat appeared, desperately trying to pull one of them by the pants with her teeth.

cat climbing on a owners leg
Source: YouTube

Initially, they assumed she was hungry and gave her food, but the cat declined it. Thinking she might be in trouble, they followed her after she let go of the man’s pants. As they shared on YouTube:

“We were concerned that the cat was acting this way because it was in trouble.”

The mother cat guided them directly to her small kitten. They gave food to the little one right away, but the mother cat still appeared worried. She was looking around, so they followed once again, wondering if there were more kittens.

cute newborn kitten
Source: YouTube

Suddenly, two boys approached the group, saying they discovered a kitten sleeping on the street. They immediately went to check and realized that the kitten was unconscious. Then it was obvious – the mother cat was trying to show them the way.

Mama Cat’s eyes were filled with relief when the men took her unconscious kitten. One of them quickly brought it to the vet, who diagnosed the kitten with hypothermia

However, after warming it up, and giving it medicine, the little one recovered. They continued:

“The cat also got relaxed that her kitten is in safe hands now.”

doctor feeding a kitten
Source: YouTube

The mother cat was offered food again, and this time she quickly devoured it, feeling a sense of relief.

After her meal, she began heading in a particular direction. Once more, they followed her until she brought them to the cage where the other kitten was patiently waiting.

mother cat and its baby
Source: YouTube

After a bit of food and cuddles, the group realized that it was chilly outside, so they decided to take the entire cat family home. While they were at home, the group kept receiving updates from the vet about the tiny kitten they found.

The kitten soon made a full recovery and they brought it back home. It was in pretty good shape, joyfully exploring its new home. Mama cat, after some initial fuss, finally started to feed the kittens.

mother cat and kittens laying down
Source: YouTube

If the group of men had been too late, the little kitten wouldn’t have made it. Thankfully, her mother cat reacted on time. The group mentioned:

“If we were a little bit late in reaching there, then this little kitten might be separated from its family.”

six kittens
Source: YouTube

The group still continues to make their rounds. You can check out their YouTube Channel where they share all the latest news about kittens. They believe that a simple act of kindness can truly change everything, as they add:

“Whenever we help these animals, we feel inner satisfaction.”

Now, the little kitten enjoys a happy and loving life. As time went on, it became more naughty and playful. It is very healthy and active, all thanks to its brave mother and these kind men. 

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