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This Disabled Cat Is Determined To Live Her Life To The Fullest No Matter What

This Disabled Cat Is Determined To Live Her Life To The Fullest No Matter What

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Special needs cats are truly remarkable; they have huge hearts and can love you just like any other cat, but they often require a little extra care and attention. 

What warms my heart about these kitties is their immense bravery and determination to live life to the fullest, despite their disabilities. 

Allow me to introduce you to one such incredible feline: Pretzel, a young cat who has left everyone around her in awe of her courageous spirit.

Laura Hawthorne, a dedicated volunteer at the Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles, decided to share Pretzel’s heartwarming story with the rest of the world and deliver a powerful message.

With years of experience, Laura has found loving homes for over 275 cats and kittens, but none have touched her heart as deeply as young Pretzel.

This heartwarming journey began when three tiny white kittens were abandoned at a city shelter in Los Angeles when they were just hours old

The rescue team acted swiftly to save these fragile lives. They named the kittens Pretzel, Curly Sue, and Oliver Twist, and together, they embarked on a challenging journey of survival.

Upon closer examination, the rescuers received heartbreaking news: all three kittens had severe deformities, including many health issues. Given the shelter’s limited resources, they were advised to consider euthanasia as the only option.

For Laura, though, euthanasia was never an option. She said:

“I got them home, umbilical cords still attached, and started them on formula, fluids, and antibiotics.”

Regrettably, the kittens were extremely young and frail, particularly tiny Oliver, who didn’t make it. Losing Oliver was a devastating blow, but Laura was determined to keep the other two kittens alive. 

Further examinations showed that both Pretzel and Curly Sue had skeletal deformities and even missing bones in their legs and knees. Sadly, the vets also discovered a heart defect in Curly Sue. 

That was already a bad sign, and soon after their discovery the worst happened – Curly Sue passed away from a massive heart attack. Laura said:

“She took a piece of my heart with her.”

After everything that happened, Laura was deeply concerned for Pretzel, but she proved to be the bravest of the Three Meowsketeers. 

She grew bigger and stronger, transforming into a gorgeous feline. Her unwavering determination and resilience left everyone in awe. Despite her mobility issues, she plays just like any other cat.

After burning her energy after hours of playing and wrestling with her furry friends, she would transform into a loving cuddler. 

Pretzel is a cat who refuses to let anything stand in her way of living life to the fullest. Laura said:

“Pretzel proves that you don’t have to be ‘perfect’ to live a PURRFECTLY happy life.”

Laura was worried whether Pretzel would ever find a permanent home, as cats with disabilities are often overlooked by adopters. But for Pretzel, finding a loving home was no problem at all. 

She amazed and charmed everyone with her fighting spirit and amazing life story, including Michelle, who soon became her forever human.

One day, Michelle was looking to adopt a feline friend, and when she came across Pretzel, she instantly fell in love with her. 

Michelle dedicated her life to caring for her new feline friend and has zero regrets because Pretzel is a fighter and a lovely feline who has touched everyone’s hearts.

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