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Video Of This Disabled Cat Gently Asking For Cuddles Will Truly Melt Your Heart

Video Of This Disabled Cat Gently Asking For Cuddles Will Truly Melt Your Heart

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We all know that every cat is special in its own way. Today, let me share the heartwarming story of a sweet kitty named Penny, who found her forever home in a most unexpected and beautiful manner.

Penny’s journey began five years ago when she was welcomed into the loving arms of her forever mom, Taylor. At the time, Taylor was working at a vet clinic when a coworker approached her with a request to foster a special cat. 

Little did Taylor know that this cat, Penny, would steal her heart forever.

Despite Penny’s unique condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, where her movement and coordination are a bit different due to a smaller cerebellum, Taylor instantly fell in love with Penny’s personality. Taylor shares:

“Not a lot of people take on special needs pets.” 

…but she was determined to provide Penny with a loving home.

“I realized she wasn’t going anywhere and so I officially adopted her.”

Penny, while dealing with her condition, remains a vibrant and healthy kitty. Taylor reassures that Penny is not in discomfort:

“She has no discomfort because of it. I’ve seen a few people look at her and immediately think like, what’s wrong with her? Or, oh, she’s so different.” 

However, some might see Penny’s uniqueness as a challenge, but Taylor emphasizes that it’s Penny’s personality that truly matters.

“I fell in love with her just because of her personality and who she is.”

Penny is super cuddly and very sweet, and after spending some time with her, Taylor realized that every day Penny asks for one thing and one thing only… Cuddles!

However, the most interesting thing about it is the way she asks for it! Check it out: 

Isn’t this the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?

Penny does it every day and if Taylor lets her, she stays snuggled on her chest for hours. She doesn’t like going out of the house, no matter if it’s just a car ride, a walk, or a trip to the vet, Penny hates it. 

“She loves the balcony. She loves to watch the birds, and she can be feisty when she wants to, mostly with her little brother Kaz.”

Through Penny’s story, Taylor aims to raise awareness about special needs pets, highlighting that they deserve love and care just like any other pet.

“Special needs pets deserve a home as much as any other cat. They just were born a little different and they have different ways of getting around, different ways of seeing the world but they’re also strong and determined.”

The bond between Taylor and Penny is truly remarkable. Taylor’s devotion to her unique feline friend is heartwarming, and Penny’s genuine personality shines through in the comfort of her loving home. As Taylor beautifully puts it:

“The two of us have loved each other since the day we met.”

You can see more of their story in the video below: 

I hope you enjoyed Penny’s beautiful story! She is so special in many ways, and her way of asking for cuddles is something I’d love to teach my cats! 

It’s so polite and sweet! What do you think about it? Feel free to comment your thoughts on our Facebook page

Penny’s story is a testament to the love and compassion we can share with our pets. Her polite and sweet way of asking for cuddles has won our hearts, showcasing the remarkable connection between pets and their human companions. 

Share Penny’s touching journey, and let’s celebrate the unique and heartwarming stories that pets bring into our lives.

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