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Lonely Foster Cat Sneaks Into Other Pets’ Carriers Hoping Someone Will Adopt Him

Lonely Foster Cat Sneaks Into Other Pets’ Carriers Hoping Someone Will Adopt Him

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Gallagher and his six siblings had a tough start in life. They were born behind a dumpster at an apartment complex, but luckily, Rutherford County Cat Rescue came to their rescue and Catfeine Cat Cafe took them in. 

They stayed at Catfeine Cat Cafe while waiting for their forever families. While Gallagher stood out from the beginning, he still had a long way to go.

Everybody loved Gallagher’s funny personality, but for some reason, he still didn’t get picked to be adopted. 

While his brothers and sisters all found their forever families, Gallagher was still waiting. So, he decided to do something about it and started sneaking into the carriers of the other cats as they were being taken away.

It was heartbreaking for everyone when Gallagher was left out. They attempted to give him his own carrier to entertain himself, but he was too smart for that. 

He soon realized it wasn’t the real deal. Taura Byrd, owner of Catfeine Cat Cafe shared in an interview:

“After his siblings were adopted and then a few other of his closest friends, we started to notice that he was ready for his turn. He’s always been a happy boy at the cafe, but in the last month, he started climbing in all the carriers of the kitties that were being adopted. To be honest, it broke our hearts because he deserves his forever home too! And none of us could understand why he kept being overlooked.”

But guess what? Gallagher’s journey didn’t stop there. Byrd shared his story on the internet, and eventually, the perfect match came forward! 

Finally, Gallagher was able to step into a carrier with a one-way ticket to his forever home.

Yes, it did take a bit longer than he wanted, but his patience and determination really paid off. Now, this cute and sweet cat is finally living the happy ending he truly deserves.

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