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Disabled Cat Was Almost Euthanized But Her Miracle Arrived Just In Time

Disabled Cat Was Almost Euthanized But Her Miracle Arrived Just In Time

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Phoebe is a sweet little feline who was nearly euthanized if not for the compassionate individuals who rescued her and offered her a new lease on life.

Stephanie and her husband began fostering with Kitty Cat Haven and Rescue a few years back. They were thrilled to have Phoebe as their 25th foster kitty, and Stephanie admits she formed a bond with her that she had never experienced before. 

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The night Phoebe arrived, a vet had diagnosed her with severe cerebellar hypoplasia, also known as “wobbly cat syndrome.” This condition, while not painful or life-shortening, challenges her mobility, hence the “wobbly cat.”

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The vet suggested euthanasia… But Kitty Cat Haven and Rescue, Alabama, refused to give up. They sought a second opinion, strongly opposing euthanasia. Phoebe was vibrant and full of life; euthanasia was not an option.

Stephanie and her husband couldn’t be happier about it. Recognizing Phoebe’s unique needs, Stephanie spent the entire night learning about CH.

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They did their best to provide Phoebe with everything she needed to adjust to a family and a home. There were many families interested in adopting her and they even let some of them meet with Phoebe.

However, Stephanie soon realized she couldn’t let her go…

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She begged her husband to reconsider adopting Phoebe and becoming her forever paw-rents! He needed a bit more time to think it over, but after seeing how well Phoebe fit into their home, he was convinced.

Stephanie was overjoyed and admired her husband for stepping up and embracing the role of a special needs pet dad.

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In the beginning, they weren’t sure how well she would manage to get around or if she could walk. She mostly flopped from side to side, but she has since made significant improvements.

She adapted remarkably well to her condition, and physical therapy exercises helped her build strength and stability in her legs, which was incredibly beneficial.

Now, Phoebe’s CH is considered moderate, not severe.

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Stephanie feels like she knows and truly appreciates everything they’ve done for her so far. Sometimes Phoebe is even able to take slow steps, except when she’s excited, then it’s just bouncing and wobbling wherever she can get to. 

As Stephanie posted on her Instagram profile

“She doesn’t walk, she struts!”

Phoebe’s vibrant personality made her a seamless addition to their family. Her excellent behavior has allowed Stephanie to continue fostering, with Phoebe playing a supportive role.

Since they adopted her, Stephanie and her husband have fostered over 25 cats and kittens, and Phoebe has been there, helping with every one of them.

Like any cat, Phoebe needed time to get used to the new cats in the house. Initially, there were some hisses, but those quickly turned into playful interactions. Stephanie gives Phoebe her own ‘alone time’ to foster her independence. 

Recognizing the importance of allowing pets their freedom, Stephanie was nonetheless concerned for Phoebe, given her unique needs. To keep an eye on her and ensure her well-being, Stephanie installed cameras throughout the house.

However, Phoebe is so well-behaved and she doesn’t need much whether she’s alone or with her hoomans. 

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Stephanie and her husband usually take her with them wherever they go. Stephanie feels like Phoebe’s the purrfect match for her and they’re both extremely bonded to her and can’t be separated from her for a long time.

The three of them sleep together, her daddy does everything she needs: baths, massages, you name it.

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Phoebe has had such a positive impact on their life, and they couldn’t imagine their life without her. 

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Remembering she was once bound to be euthanized, it’s incredible to see how far she’s come. She has made both Stephanie’s and her husband’s lives so much better, and she even helps with other foster kitties.

Thanks to Kitty Cat Haven and Rescue, Phoebe got a new chance at life and Stephanie and her husband got a fur-ever feline friend who brings happiness and positivity to their lives each day.

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