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Kansas Couple Adopts A Kitten With Cerebellar Hypoplasia And Are Amazed By His Zest For Life

Kansas Couple Adopts A Kitten With Cerebellar Hypoplasia And Are Amazed By His Zest For Life

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We all wish for a world where every shelter and rescue center is empty, but the reality is, we live in the USA, not Utopia. So, there are still countless cats and other animals out there, patiently waiting for their forever families to come and adopt them.

Similar to our other beloved furry friends Willy Wonky and Phin, Charlie is a special cat with cerebellar hypoplasia

Charlie isn’t just any cat; he’s a kitten who found his way into Willy’s loving family. Owners Mandy and Phillip had a hunch that Charlie and Willy would become great pals, so they decided to introduce them.

Charlie’s Rescue Story

Now, let’s talk about Charlie’s journey. He was discovered under a deck along with his littermates and was taken to a rescue shelter in Kansas. 

Charlie was born with a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, which makes him a bit wobbly due to an underdeveloped cerebellum. The good news is that it doesn’t cause him any pain, dizziness, or discomfort.

Most importantly, because of Charlie’s unique needs, Mandy wanted to get him out of the shelter as quickly as possible, saying:

“Because of his special needs, you definitely want to get them out of the shelter or they will be put down.” 

Mandy decided to foster Charlie. When she first adopted him, he weighed under a pound and had several health issues. But Mandy wasted no time and took him to the vet for thorough testing. She explains:

“We had to do a deep dive into some testing to find out, but we figured out it was a bacterial infection in his intestines.”

It took a few months, but Charlie got stronger and could finally get up and move around on his own.

Charlie Is Truly Special

Now, let me tell you about Charlie’s incredible personality, according to his meowmy.

“I know he’s a kitten, but this is another level of kitten that I have experienced. He is so playful, he’s so smart, he is so sweet with all of our other kitties.” 

“Charlie just wants to be everybody’s friend, and he doesn’t know that he is different.”

He loves to play and run around, and even if he bumps into a wall, it doesn’t slow him down. Charlie is incredibly resilient and persistent. The only thing he can’t do is jump up on the couch, but he certainly gives it his all!

Charlie does everything else a kitten does, and maybe even a bit more energetically. As Mandy puts it:

“You know when cats get the zoomies, he has the zoomies plus crazy wobbles. So, he is just all over the place.”

It’s heartwarming to see him getting along so well with other cats, being full of energy, and boosting his confidence since arriving in Mandy’s home. Their bond is unique, and Mandy can practically communicate with Charlie about their needs.

“Our bond is so special and I love that we can practically communicate together our needs. He knows when I’m sad, he knows when I need some extra love, and I can always tell what his needs are.”

Just being around Charlie fills Mandy with happiness and serotonin for the day:

“I see him getting stronger every day, and it just makes me so happy.”

Mandy initially intended to foster Charlie, but she, along with her husband, fell head over heels for this little bundle of joy. They decided Charlie was there to stay.

If you’re curious about how Charlie became friends with Mandy’s other “wobbly” cat, check out this heartwarming story: The Wobbly Black Cat Welcomes Another Wobbly Kitten Into His Home.

I hope you enjoyed their incredible journey, and it encourages you to see “special needs cats” in a different light. After all, they’re called “special” because they’re a bit more extraordinary than your average feline friends.

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