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Dog Is Completely Baffled At The Sight Of Tiny Kittens Usurping His Bed

Dog Is Completely Baffled At The Sight Of Tiny Kittens Usurping His Bed

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While cats and dogs were portrayed as the biggest enemies for centuries, there’s nothing better than seeing them hanging out together, proving just the opposite.

But, if you ask me, when you put cats and dogs together, it has to be either hilarious or too adorable.

Well, this video has the best of both worlds. In the video below, you can see a big German Shepherd dog who came to his huge, comfy bed, only to find it full of kittens.

These tiny kittens occupied the dog’s bed, and although it’s too big for them, the bed is so comfortable that they don’t plan to leave it.

Upon seeing them cuddled in his own bed, the dog was obviously shocked and confused, not knowing what to do. But, little by little, he gently approached the kittens and started sniffing them.

The kittens, on the other hand, weren’t bothered by the dog at all. Instead, they were very curious and wanted to inspect the dog with their tiny little paws.

dog looking at kitten in his bed
Credit: YouTube

Now, as the dog’s bed was stolen by the feline gang, he jumped on the couch and continued to watch out for the kittens. 

It was as though the dog said: “Take that, hooman! Now that you allowed these furry creatures to take over my bed, I will take over yours.”

However, that didn’t last long. The dog soon got off the couch and went to check on the kittens more closely. He gently sniffed them while, at the same time, watching his every step in order not to step on one of the kittens.

It was clear from the beginning of the video that the dog meant no harm to the kittens. He was just interested in getting to know them better and making sure they were okay.

Of course, I’m sure the dog wasn’t the happiest for losing his own comfy bed, but he couldn’t get mad at these fluffy adorable kittens either.

dog sitting on couch and looking at kittens
Credit: YouTube

This heartwarming and funny YouTube video brought smiles to many faces, who realized the dog’s true intentions. ElizabethT45 said:

“He seems to immediately understand that these tiny things need protecting and watching over. I can tell he takes the responsibility seriously, in true Shepherd fashion.”

Another user noticed how amazing it was that such a big and strong boy was so gentle and loving with tiny kittens, while DWB65 said:

“I like how the kittens aren’t even afraid of this giant creature, and are reaching out and batting at his nose and wanting to play. 😀”

dog sniffing kittens lying in his bed
Credit: YouTube

All in all, this video, besides entertaining purposes, can teach us that cats and dogs can clearly be best friends. 

We just need to introduce them to each other properly and give them some time to get used to each other. Such friendships are forever!

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