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Severely Dehydrated Kitten Stuck In A Car Engine Rescued On 4th Of July

Severely Dehydrated Kitten Stuck In A Car Engine Rescued On 4th Of July

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We all know how holidays go; we party, and sometimes things get out of control. Not everyone is made for partying and fireworks, am I right? 

Usually, on the 4th of July, the Ionia Department of Public Safety crew expects emergency calls about fireworks gone wrong. However, what surprised them this holiday was that the emergency call they received was about a kitten.

officer and dehydrated kitten

Concerned locals called to report cries and meows coming from inside a vehicle. Surprisingly, this wasn’t a case of a ‘pet forgotten in a car’ but rather a case of a trapped animal. 

The vehicle owners couldn’t figure out where the meows were coming from, so they were unable to save the poor cat.

Luckily, the officers were on standby and arrived quickly. After inspecting the car, they managed to reach into the fender and felt fur. 

They were certain an animal was there, but they weren’t sure it was a cat. Despite the meowing sounds, they considered it might be a wild animal instead.

This possibility stopped them from blindly reaching further inside, but they didn’t give up. They continued exploring and managed to take off the wheel, uncovering a tiny ginger kitten in the engine compartment.

The poor little baby was dehydrated, dirty, and extremely weak. With temperatures reaching as high as 93 degrees during this time of year, the rescuers quickly brought the kitten some water. 

Unfortunately, no one knew for sure how long this poor soul had been stuck inside the car.

The owners had driven around to many places, and considering that holiday fireworks tend to scare animals, it’s possible the kitten jumped in that day due to stress and anxiety from the noise. 

Many cats seek a hideout during this time, and owners often report missing pets because of the loud fireworks.

The local Ionia County Animal Shelter took in the little ginger kitten to care for it and find it a home as soon as possible. We wish them all the best and hope the little ginger fellow finds a loving home, far from the hot streets and noise.

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