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Reckless Driver Hits The Cat And Flees The Scene, Leaving Him To Suffer Alone

Reckless Driver Hits The Cat And Flees The Scene, Leaving Him To Suffer Alone

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I understand that accidentally hitting an innocent animal can happen to anyone. One second you’re driving, focused on the road ahead, and the next, you’re swerving to avoid a cat that darted out in front of your car.

Such incidents are regrettably more common than I’d like to admit, and it’s something I’ve had to accept with a heavy heart. 

However, what I absolutely can’t comprehend is how some people can simply drive away after hitting an animal with their car.

Recently, such a heartless incident occurred involving a poor tabby cat that was struck by a reckless driver who callously fled the scene as if nothing had happened.

The cat was left lying helplessly on the side of the road, next to a cardboard box and a bunch of flowers that likely fell during the hit-and-run. 

Fortunately, some compassionate individuals spotted the injured cat and immediately came to its aid. Realizing the severity of its condition, they promptly contacted the local shelter, stressing the urgency of the situation.

When Ermioni, the shelter’s founder, received the call, she was on her way to meet a couple of friends, dressed rather elegantly. However, being a dedicated animal lover, she immediately postponed her plans and rushed to the cat’s rescue.

Realizing that every minute was crucial, Ermioni hurried to the scene of the accident, quickly contacting some of her colleagues to assist her on her mission. 

Upon arriving, they were all shocked by the cat’s condition. The injuries sustained from the car crash made relocating the cat extremely challenging and risky.

Despite the difficulties, they knew they had to act swiftly. Carefully, they placed the cat inside a cardboard box, intending to rush it to the vet. 

Many concerned neighbors gathered to witness the rescue operation, all hoping for the cat’s swift recovery.

As Ermioni prepared to transport the cat to the vet, a woman approached her, inquiring if the cat belonged to one of her neighbors. Unable to recognize the cat, they concluded that it was likely one of the local strays.

Since the accident occurred at night, Ermioni had to make some urgent calls to arrange for veterinary assistance. Fortunately, the vet she contacted agreed to open the clinic for them.

At the clinic, the cat underwent a thorough examination to evaluate the extent of its injuries. The prognosis revealed severe injuries to the backside of its body, along with a minor mouth injury and breathing difficulties.

Due to these health concerns, the cat required ongoing observation and treatment at the clinic. Despite his vivid fear and desire to flee, Ermioni reassured him, holding him gently to let him know she was there to help.

The vet remained optimistic about the cat’s prognosis, expressing confidence that with time and proper care, the cat would make a full recovery. 

It was essential for him to remain calm, undergo necessary procedures, and receive all prescribed medication until he could transition to either a foster home or his forever home.

While I can’t help but feel anger towards the driver who callously left the cat injured on the roadside, I’m grateful for the kindness of those who witnessed the incident and contacted Ermioni for help. 

Their actions remind us that there are still good-hearted people in the world, offering hope for a brighter future.

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