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List Of Dumbest Cat Breeds

List Of Dumbest Cat Breeds

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Many cats are known for their majestic looks, and while most of them may be praised for both their beauty and their ability to learn new things, unfortunately some are not so lucky.

Some cats do appear dumb, either because of their looks or the way they act.

It must be said that discussing the intelligence of cat breeds is not an easy task. There are no specific tests that can tell you precisely how smart your cat is.

However, there are some cat breeds that are generally considered to be less intelligent than others.

If you are planning to get a cat and are wondering which are the dumbest cat breeds, keep reading because this article will tell you everything you need to know about feline intelligence!

What Are The Dumbest Cat Breeds?

There are various factors that people have to take into account when deciding which breed of cat is a smart cat or a stupid cat.

Those factors include trainability, social skills and problem-solving skills.

Cats are usually very independent animals, and they are often very difficult to control, especially compared to dogs. This impacts trainability and social skills and means that cats are often considered less intelligent than dogs.

So, taking all that into account, here are the 11 dumbest cat breeds in the world:


a Persian cat lies on a leather armchair

Persian cats are considered to be one of the most beautiful breeds of cats. What makes them so unique and recognizable is their looks.

Shiny, long hair and big, expressive eyes that come in an array of colors, all contribute to the amazing look that have made Persian cats famous.

Even though Persians are one of the most famous breeds of cats, they are frequently  ranked as one of the least intelligent.

Why is that so?

Well, unlike other cats, Persians are the laziest breed in the world. They are so lazy that most people call them a piece of furniture; furniture with fur! 

Persians generally sleep a lot (up to 20 hours a day). They enjoy doing nothing and therefore they spend most of the day napping or lying around, and this inactivity makes them really hard to play with.

Because they are so lazy, these cats don’t show much interest in hunting. Many breeders say that most Persian cats don’t take part in any activities at all, let alone catching a mouse or chasing other creatures.

Also, Persians are considered to be a little slow minded. It takes them longer to figure out some things that other cat breeds learn pretty quickly.

But, that being said, they are still one of the most beautiful and friendliest house cats.

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White exotic shorthair cat is laying on the floor in the garden.

The Exotic shorthair is a breed of cat that is closely related to the Persian cat. Since Exotic Shorthair cats are quite similar to Persians, it’s not a surprise that they are also considered stupid cats

This breed of cats are usually described as round cats with a pushed-in face and large, droopy eyes. They are also known for their coat which, unlike that of the Persian, is a bit shorter and easier to manage.

Exotic shorthair cats are also very lazy and lack the curiosity that most cats exhibit. Their expressions don’t give out exactly the smartest cat vibe, either.

However, exotic shorthair cats are a bit more active than their close cousin Persians and can be entertained with toys.

If you are looking for an easy-going, cute, and loving cat that doesn’t demand too much attention, the Exotic Shorthair is a perfect match for you. 


the Himalayan cat is sitting in the garden

This beautiful longhaired cat is a mix of Persian cat and Siamese cat. Siamese cats are considered to be one of the smartest cat breeds while, as already mentioned above, Persians are usually not.

When it comes to feline intelligence, Siamese cats are usually at the top of the list of smart cats, as well as being very courageous and mischievous.

With their ability to quickly learn new tricks, their natural playfulness and their loving nature, Siamese cats are a first choice for many people when it comes to cat breeds.

But how can a mix of a really smart cat like a Siamese be considered a stupid cat?

Himalayan cats take after Persians a lot. They are very calm and affectionate, but also very quiet and slow thinkers. 

Himalayans are not fans of loud noises or crowds, so a lot of the time they can be easily scared and prone to running away. 

Himalayan cats are often unaware of their environment and can get themselves in really dangerous situations.

Being skittish, timid and clumsy at times are some of the reasons why people consider the Himalayan to be a stupid cat.

However, if you show them love and earn their trust, Himalayan cats will be one of the loveliest and cuddliest pets.

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birman cat sitting on a knitted mat

The Birman cat is well known for its striking features. With its beautiful fur and bright blue eyes, Birmans are quite recognizable and one of the most famous domestic cats.

They are also known to be very lovely and friendly, but Birmans are not intelligent cats.

Although they share some features with Siamese cats, Birmans are not very active, and they don’t like to talk, so you will hardly hear them meow.

The main thing that makes this type of cat appear stupid is how they can be really clumsy and simply trip over objects while just pacing around.

Birmans also have a tendency to go missing. Like most cat breeds, they can get curious, and it might not come as a surprise, given their clumsy nature, that Birmans often get stuck in various places where they can’t get themselves out.

Just don’t panic if your Birman cat is missing, you will probably find it in a drawer or some other weird place!


Beautiful American Shorthair cat with green eyes

American shorthairs are one of the most common breeds of cats that people tend to choose as house cats in America.

They are known for their sweet looks. This breed of cats can come in different shades and various patterns, but the most famous one is definitely the silver tabby

The lifespan of the American shorthair is probably one of the longest in the cat’s world, since they can live up to 20 years.

Even though they are adorable and good hunters, American shorthairs are considered to be one of the stupidest cats.

With their laid back personality, American shorthairs don’t pay a lot of attention to the surrounding environment, and so often they don’t care much about what their humans are doing.

Usually these cats are content in their own world and will not listen to commands, preferring to do whatever they want.

People assume that they don’t understand, or that they don’t hear well, but American shorthairs simply like to do their own thing.

Since American shorthairs do not grow to be particularly big cats, they like to jump around and explore small spaces. Owners often find them in quite unusual and high places where they like to sit and watch what is happening.


a british shorthair cat lies in the kitchen

British shorthair cats are one of the popular cat breeds. However, the average British shorthair is not considered to be a smart cat.

British shorthairs have Egyptian origins, but they came to England with the Roman Empire during the occupation, which is why they have different features than other British domestic cats.

This cat’s chunky body and dense coat in a wide range of colors and patterns (even tabby or bicolor), give them particularly good looks.

Male cats are usually larger than female cats, however, the female cats tend to be more serious than males who can be quite silly and playful.

British shorthairs are fantastic with children. They like attention and spending time with humans.

The British shorthair cats are best described as laid back, calm, quiet and sometimes even lazy. They are docile and love to cuddle.

Because of their calmer, quieter and lazier nature, they are not exactly known as the smartest cats. They are not vocal at all, which means that you will hardly hear them meowing.

Since they can be lazy and not active at all, the owners need to take particular care of their nutrition because they can easily become too fat, which is not healthy for them.

Usually British shorthairs have a predisposition to different health issues but if checked regularly and treated when necessary, their lifespan can be from 14 to 20 years.


Domestic snowshoe cat

Snowshoe cats got their name because of their distinctive white markings on their feet, which separated them from the usual Siamese cats. Because of their white “shoes”, breeders decided to call them snowshoes.

Just like Siamese, Snowshoes are very vocal and have a melodic tone. So why would a cat that originates from the Siamese, one of the smartest cat breeds, be considered the stupidest cat?

Snowshoes can learn new commands and can be easily trained. The only problem with trainability is that they don’t want to train; in fact, they don’t seem to care about it at all.

These cats can be really stubborn and disobedient, which to some human eyes can make them seem quite stupid.

This breed of cat prefers to make a strong connection with one person in particular and they often don’t care about others. This sometimes makes them appear dumb as they lack responsiveness to other people.

Snowshoes are free-spirited and can be mischievous, and because of their sheer stubbornness they are considered one of the dumbest cat breeds.

However, don’t let that fool you!

Just because a cat are not doing what you want them to do, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the cat is stupid. Sometimes they simply don’t want to do certain things…


Ragdoll cat lying on the floor

Ragdolls are one of the fluffiest and largest breeds of cat. They have semi-long hair which comes in different variations of colors.

They got their unusual name because when Ragdolls are picked up, they go limp in your arms, which makes them seem like a stuffed rag doll toy.

Ragdolls are usually very easy going and relaxed. Their gentle nature makes them the perfect house cat.

They are also a very popular cat breed to have as a family pet because it is safe for them to be around small children and grow up with them.

Ragdolls are very docile and calm cats. Usually it is better to keep them inside the house because as domestic cats they are not used to being outside and taking care of themselves.

This is one of the reasons why some people consider these cats to be lacking in intelligence. 

Like many other cats, ragdolls can be frightened easily. It is also said that these cats don’t know how to hunt or fight other animals.

Clumsiness is one of the traits that run through this breed, but don’t be discouraged too easily because they can be trained. 

Even though some factors don’t make Ragdolls seem like one of the smartest cats, they are really beautiful and maybe one of the best cat breeds when it comes to children.

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scottish fold cat lying on the floor

One of the most affectionate cat breeds, and one that thrives on human affection and attention, is the Scottish fold.

Scottish folds have a unique and recognizable appearance. They are known by their folded ears, which is how they got their name.

These cats are often described as owl-like with their rounded head, big eyes, short neck, and, as already mentioned, adorable folded ears.

Their personality is also really sweet. Scottish folds are generally easy going, low maintenance, quiet and calm. They love their family and playing together.

Sadly, because of their looks, Scottish folds can sometimes appear foolish and stupid. They aren’t very independent, which means that they need someone’s presence all the time, and they shouldn’t be let out.


The Somali cat lies and looks ahead

Somali cats are known as the monkeys of the cat world because of their mischievous nature.

They are extremely stubborn, and you literally cannot make them do something they don’t want to do.

Somali cats are best for people that spend a lot of time at home. If you are someone who spends a lot of traveling or out of the house, you will probably find a lot of mess when you get home.

Somali cats are very active and hate to be left alone, so they will do anything they can to entertain themselves.


Korat cat laying on sofa

Korat cats love to be the center of attention and are usually very jealous. Especially when it comes to other pets in the home.

Considering that these cats can be so demanding when it comes to attention, it is not advisable for first time pet owners to get this type of cat.

Some people consider Korat a really intelligent breed of cats, while others think it is one of the dumbest.

Some people argue that the Korat cat is dumb because it doesn’t cope well with changes in its environment.

Korats are known for their serious lack of adaptability. They are really attached to their home, so moving house is a big no for them.

What Cat Breed Has The Highest IQ?

the beautiful Siamese cat lies down

If you are perhaps wondering which are the most intelligent cat breeds, let me provide you cat lovers with a list of the smartest cats in the world:

  • The Siamese is considered one of the smartest and best cat breeds to own because of their ability to learn new tricks, their loving nature and their excellent social skills
  • Abyssinian cats are inquisitive, playful, and agile cats that enjoy stimulating activities.
  • With their athletic build and love of activity and challenges, Bengal cats are one of the top 3 most intelligent cats.
  • Sphynxes are very sociable, highly intelligent, and energetic.
  • Burmese cats are very energetic and active, while Singapura, also known as the world’s smallest cat, is very observant and extroverted.
  • Savannahs are highly intelligent cats that prefer a lot of activities and learning new tricks.
  • Devon Rex is known for its ability to learn even the most difficult tricks. Similarly, Maine Coons are said to have above-average intelligence, which makes them relatively easy to train.
  • Siberian cats have very high levels of intelligence and possess impressive athletic abilities, which make them adventurous and easy to train.
  • Egyptian Mau, one of the rarest breeds of cats, is highly intelligent, agile, and athletic and said to be the fastest of all domestic cats.

Final Thoughts

Intelligence is of course an individual thing, so perhaps judging a whole breed is really unfair.

All of these ideas on intelligence should be taken with a grain of salt, because there will be individuals within each breed that stand out for their intelligence.

So, don’t shy away from these cats just because some consider them to be the dumbest cat breeds. They are unique in their own ways, and have lots to offer; perhaps one of them is your perfect match!

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