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Utah Family Adopts An Abandoned 20-Year-Old Cat Wanting To Fill His Last Years With Love

Utah Family Adopts An Abandoned 20-Year-Old Cat Wanting To Fill His Last Years With Love

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I wish that my cats all live to old age and that I’ll have the ability to take care of them. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. 

However, the sad truth is that many cats end up in shelters because they are abandoned by their owners, just like this 20-year-old cat named Dexter was. 

A lot of people do not think about the future. They’re not aware of the fact that taking on a pet is a lifetime commitment. Many people like cats when they’re cute and young, especially when they’re kittens. 

Then later, they decide they’re not capable of taking care of them. It’s always important to find your pets a new and safe home, or at least be kind enough to take them to a local shelter and never abandon them on the street! 

A study on Factors Informing Outcomes for Older Cats and Dogs in Animal Shelters claims that a senior cat’s chances of getting adopted decrease with age. So, sadly, the older a cat is, the less likely it is to get adopted. 

Unfortunately, many people abandon their cats, and older cats rarely get a chance to live a new life. It’s just so amazing how this family gave an old cat like Dexter a chance.

Meet Dexter, A 20-Year-Old Cat Who Lived His Last Days To The Fullest

Jill Williams posted a couple of videos on her YouTube profile during the two amazing years they shared with Dexter. It is clear that the whole family accepted him and really loved him.

Just take a look at how cute Dexter was, and how they all loved him. He was truly this little boy’s best friend. 

The moral of Dexter’s story is that it’s never too late to adopt. This family from Utah adopted Dexter when he was 20 years old. One of their sons really wanted a pet cat, as Jill says: 

“I mean, he REALLY wanted a cat. I think it’s safe to say that they both win.” 

“You might think a toothless old cat would just want to be left alone, but Dexter craves attention. Especially from his two human brothers JJ (age 5) and Harry (age 7).”

Dexter adjusted very quickly and very well to his new environment and living circumstances. He used to live in a shelter, surrounded by a lot of cats who were in bad health. Jill thinks that Dexter too believes he hit the jackpot with them. 

Dexter really seems to have enjoyed his last days with his human family and his canine friend. He lived a happy two years with them and surely enriched their lives as much as they did his. 

In her last video of Dexter, Jill wrote: 

“The best cat in the world has left us. We will never forget the love and happiness he gave us in his very short time with our family. Rest in peace, Dexter.” 

I’m in tears. I believe this story made you both happy and sad, as it did me. However, it’s a good story and it reminds us of what’s important. It is never too late to adopt and make a cat’s last days better.

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