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Family’s Quest For A Dog Took An Unexpected Turn When This Tabby Kitten Crossed Their Path

Family’s Quest For A Dog Took An Unexpected Turn When This Tabby Kitten Crossed Their Path

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Every outdoor adventure takes on a whole new level of excitement when our furry companions are right there beside us. 

The Richards family knows this all too well. Their hearts were set on finding a four-legged travel buddy to accompany them on their numerous outdoor adventures. 

Initially, their sights were set on a canine friend. Energetic dog breeds seemed like the perfect fit for their adventurous lifestyle. 

However, destiny had something different in mind. Just when they were contemplating getting a dog, a tiny cream-tabby kitten crossed their path.

The moment their eyes met the kitten, they felt an unexplainable connection. It was as if the universe had brought them together. Without hesitation, they welcomed this tiny feline into their lives and named him Fish. Lindsay Richards said:

“He was so much crazier than his sisters. His sisters were curdled up on the couch together, and he’s, like, running around. He was ready to go too.”

Fish made it clear from the beginning that he wanted to be a part of their every adventure. This little feline proved that cats could be brave adventurers and even better companions than dogs. Lindsay recalled:

“We weren’t actually driving back to our house that day. He kinda got his first little road trip the day we got him.”

Iain Richards added:

“Yeah, so it’s probably he spent six hours in the car right away. Sort of on that first trip he took to it really well, and we knew he was gonna be perfect for our lifestyle. Not only would he fit in really well, but it seemed like he really enjoyed it.”

His new humans instantly fell in love with Fish looking forward to their new journey together. 

After experiencing life with Fish, they realized :

“People who don’t like cats just haven’t met the right one yet.”

But hold on, their story doesn’t conclude here; instead, it keeps getting better! Even though they hadn’t initially planned to bring another kitten into their lives, it seemed like fate had other ideas. The Richards said:

“We were actually picking up cat litter, and they had a cat rescue in. We saw him. He was so cute and small. We picked him up and that was it… that was it.”

They lovingly named the adorable kitten Chips, because, after all, Fish and Chips are meant to go together. 

However, Chips has an entirely different feline personality compared to Fish. Chips is a sweet, calm kitty who enjoys curling up in his humans’ laps.

Initially, Fish wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of having a little brother. But, little by little, he started to accept Chips and even relished his company.

Although Chips was way calmer than Fish, he got used to the family’s outdoor adventures, and he learned a lot from Fish. Lindsay concluded:

“I think they helped each other a lot that way.”

Fish and Chips are exactly what their parents needed, and they consider themselves incredibly fortunate to have found their purrfect matches in the form of these two feline friends.

If you want to keep up with their amazing adventures, just make sure you follow them on Instagram.

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