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You’d Be Surprised By How Similar This Little Feline Family Is To Disney’s Famous Aristocats

You’d Be Surprised By How Similar This Little Feline Family Is To Disney’s Famous Aristocats

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Oh, while I was growing up this classic Disney cartoon was everything! I always loved cats, and cartoons with cats as main characters were the best thing in the world for me!

I’m sure you know who the Aristocats are. Duchess is the white lady-like kitty, and her kittens are little rascals that often get into mischief. Well, Berlioz is the one that’s prone to mischief. It’s always the quiet ones, right? 

Anyway, can you imagine having the Aristocats in your own home? I’m sure this family couldn’t imagine it either. Then one day, their cat, whom they named Duchess, gave birth to three kittens that looked just like Toulouse, Berlioz, and Marie. 

Real-Life Aristocats

kittens eat food
Photo from: @real_life_aristocats

Their cat Duchess had already gone viral because she looked like a real-life version of the character of the Duchess from the Aristocats. Shelby, her owner, adopted Duchess and helped her recover. 

Duchess and Kittens
Photo from: @real_life_aristocats

Duchess was always calm, and very much like the character of Duchess; lady-like and laid-back. Shelby wasn’t even aware that Duchess was pregnant and simply found her one day in the closet with three little kittens. 

the kittens are lying in their bed
Photo from: @real_life_aristocats

When they came to inspect, they saw that the kittens had the same fur colors as the kittens from the cartoon. Except, they also saw that there was a fourth kitten there as well.

Shelby and her family named the kittens just like their look-alikes from the cartoon and named the fourth kitten Blue. 

kittens are nursing a big cat
Photo from: @real_life_aristocats

Shelby was just amazed at how she had the real Aristocats family in her own home. She simply had to try and persuade her husband into keeping all of them. 

Fortunately, she succeeded and this is how the kittens look today. Here’s chunky Toulouse:

what does a cat look like in disney
Photo from: @real_life_aristocats

This is, of course, cute Marie:

what does a white cat look like in disney
Photo from: @real_life_aristocats

Berlioz is truly a fine gentlecat:

what does a black cat look like in disney
Photo from: @real_life_aristocats

And, the addition to the real-life family, the blue-eyed Blue: 

blue approves of this content
Photo from: @real_life_aristocats

Oh, I have to be honest with you, I envy Shelby, but just a little bit. I’m also really happy that they were able to keep the kittens and provide them with a happy and healthy life. 

This unbelievable story made my day, and it was really fun remembering all the good times I had watching the Aristocats. Just look at the three little rascals:

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