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Five Felines Locked Inside A House For Weeks Without Food And Water After The Owner Passed Away

Five Felines Locked Inside A House For Weeks Without Food And Water After The Owner Passed Away

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When we think about cats, we usually imagine them as tough, strong, and self-reliant creatures. However, that doesn’t mean they never need our support. This story I’m about to share with you shows just how much help they can require. 

These unfortunate cats had to endure a much tougher situation than many of them do. They were abandoned for weeks and had to fight desperately to stay alive…

abandoned house
Credit: YouTube

It all happened when Tiffany Dodd, a local rescuer, got an urgent call about a cat family stuck inside their house for weeks. 

Their owner sadly passed away because of dementia, and since then, they had no access to food or water and were forced to live in a chaotic environment.

A Sad Discovery

woman found cat
Credit: YouTube

When Tiffany arrived and entered the house, what she saw broke her heart. The house was a mess, and the poor cats were nowhere to be found. 

Tiffany could see they were using the bathtub as a litter box, and when it became full, they were forced to use the floor. 

woman with a mask on the face saving a cat
Credit: YouTube

Tiffany was concerned that some of the cats may not have survived, and she was frightened about what she would discover.

After exploring the house, she found a small ray of hope – a leaking pipe that provided water for the thirsty cats. She looked everywhere for the cats, but they were too scared to come out of hiding. 

The Rescue Begins

cats in cave
Credit: YouTube

Later, she decided to set up a trap and wait quietly for the scared cats to come out. She left the room because she didn’t want them to catch sight of her and get spooked.

A few minutes later, the trap closed with a click, catching not just one, but two cats! One was the ginger cat that lived upstairs, and next to him was a small, frightened kitten. 

Tiffany carefully moved them to a carrier and then set the trap again for the rest of the cats. She waited for another 25 minutes until the trap finally caught the last female cat. 

It was almost midnight, so she had spent the entire day at the site. She was tired, but before she went home, she left out food and water just in case there were more cats around. 

Back At Home

cats with bowl
Credit: YouTube

Once they arrived home, the rescued cats were very cautious. The female cat quickly found a hiding place and was too frightened to eat. The small kitten, who was only a few weeks old and very thin, very cautiously approached the food. 

The ginger cat, on the other hand, was too scared to come out of his carrier, even though there was a delicious meal waiting for him. 

cat watching a toy
Credit: YouTube

After some time, they started to get to know each other and Tiffany showed them that she wasn’t a threat. Even though it was already 2 in the morning, Tiffany couldn’t resist playing with the little kitten.

The Search Continues

cat with angry face
Credit: YouTube

The following day, the neighbors shared some updates. There were two additional cats, a male adult cat and a young female kitten who had managed to escape when the owner passed.

Tiffany decided to look for them because she knew they couldn’t make it on their own. Eventually, after some time, she managed to locate them. 

These two felines had been surviving in tough conditions in an outhouse for quite some time, facing the harsh winter weather with very little protection. Tiffany decided to set up a trap and patiently waited.

After waiting for 50 minutes, she finally caught the little female kitten. Then, 45 minutes later, she managed to catch Cookie, who was the oldest cat in the family.

fat cat laying on the newspaper
Credit: YouTube

With the final two cats in her arms, she headed back home. Over the next few days, all the younger cats were taken to a foster home, where they were spayed and neutered, and soon found loving families to adopt them. 

Building Trust

fluffy cat laying
Credit: YouTube

After realizing that she had to take action for Cookie, she understood that finding him a new home was necessary. Being four years old, Cookie had never experienced the love of a home, so he was a real challenge.

He didn’t know how to use a litter box, didn’t understand affection, and was cautious of any form of interaction. He was the most scared out of all the cats and only showed up for his favorite meal.

cat playing with toy on the closet
Credit: YouTube

Eventually, with time, he began to like his warm bed and started grooming himself. Although he was still timid and hesitant, he started coming out of his hiding spot every night for dinner.

A Perfect Match

senior woman and a man taking cats out the box
Credit: YouTube

Tiffany spent a lot of time taking care of Cookie. It took three weeks, but finally, something amazing happened! 

Cookie began to explore the whole house and even went upstairs. He found out how fun it is to play and loved the feeling of a cozy bed. 

And guess what? He learned how to use the litter box and enjoyed all the love and attention he got. Tiffany knew that Cookie was all set and ready, so she decided to find him a new home. 

His story was shared by the local daily newspaper, and it caught the attention of a wonderful family who immediately reached out to Tiffany. 

This family had a big house, a garden, and two furry friends eagerly waiting to meet Cookie. It was like a dream come true! 

Not only did Cookie find a new home, but he also gained two furry friends to play with. Now, they are all safe, well-fed, and showered with love.

Tiffany showed so much patience, dedication, and love to save all the cats and help them find loving homes forever. 

I think it’s amazing how she never stopped trying to help these scared animals. Rescuers like her truly make a difference by giving these innocent creatures a new start at being happy.

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