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Florida’s Fearless Firefighters Save Feline Stuck In A Tree For Over A Week

Florida’s Fearless Firefighters Save Feline Stuck In A Tree For Over A Week

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This determined orange tabby cat in Pensacola, Florida, took his passion for climbing to the extreme. 

The brave kitty found himself stuck up in a tree for an entire week, anxiously waiting for help. Finally, on a completely unexpected Thursday evening, firefighters arrived to save the day and bring the adventurous feline back to safety.

According to WKRG, worried business owners contacted the authorities after spotting a cat trapped in a tree for more than a week. 

cat stuck on tree
Credit: WKRG

The situation was extremely challenging and needed the skills of a competent rescue team. That’s when Escambia County Fire Rescue received a call and immediately came for help.

However, saving this brave cat was not easy. He continued to outsmart the firefighters trying to rescue him.

No matter how hard they tried, he just climbed higher up the tree, almost like he was having fun being chased.

Still, the firefighters didn’t want to give up easily. They tried three times and finally succeeded in using a ladder to save the cat. 

firefighters rescuing stucked cat on tree
Credit: WKRG

It took them over an hour, but their bravery and determination showed how dedicated and patient they were.

After finally getting off the roller coaster, the happy – and probably really tired – cat was given some water that he really needed. 

saved cat drinks water
Credit: WKRG

And guess what? The cat even got to eat some spaghetti! It turns out that even cats love unexpected treats!

The firefighter who saved the cat couldn’t bring him home, however, the department did something really nice. They decided to name the cat Paul in honor of the firefighter!

smiling firefighter holding a cat
Credit: WKRG

Once Paul was finally out of harm’s way, animal control decided to look after Paul’s future. It was uncertain if he would be adopted and, if he was when it would happen. 

No matter what, one thing is certain: Paul’s passion for climbing will make him a unique and memorable addition to any family.

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