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This Food-Obsessed Kitty Learns A New Skill And It’s Hilarious

This Food-Obsessed Kitty Learns A New Skill And It’s Hilarious

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I firmly believe that all our cats would love to master the art of opening containers. Not just their own food containers, but the ones that hold forbidden treats as well!

Orange cats, in particular, have a special charm, and this adorable ginger kitty named Trekkie has taken container opening to a whole new level. His owner, Kayla, shares:

“I’ve never met a cat like him.”

Trekkie Has A Unique Personality

Trekkie is perfectly healthy and not overweight or malnourished. His food obsession is simply a part of his personality. 

“There’s no medical reason for his food obsession.”

Cat jumping to grab food on a plate

According to Trekkie’s owners, it’s like a game or a challenge for him. He is determined to get his paws on any food he comes across.

He’s always watching…

photo of a cat looking at the camera

Not only can Trekkie open containers on his own, but he also seizes every opportunity to steal food. 

“He’ll wait ‘til your guard is just the slightest bit down, and then he just strikes like a viper. He’s very fast.”

Trekkie the cat grabbing with his claws

Greg, Trekkie’s owner, takes charge of most of the cooking, while Kayla helps by guarding the cat. It’s quite the teamwork!

Trekkie’s determination sometimes leads to him being locked up in the bathroom, but to their surprise, he even figured out how to open doors.

photo of a yellow cat reaching for the door handle

As a result, they had to find alternative ways to secure their meals…

photo of Trekkie sneaking around pot of food

“I think we finally found a system that works. Strapped the lid down.”

cat sniffing the food pot

Every time Trekkie learns a new trick, they do their best to prevent him from succeeding. However, he always finds a way to learn even more tricks for stealing food and opening containers using his teeth.

close-up photo of Trekkie

“A lot of times, we have to hang the trash bag up out of his reach, so he’s learned to jump on top of the fridge, go behind the fridge, jump up and get up on top of the cabinets, and from there he dove down into the trash bag.”

photo of Trekkie digging through trash bag

“If you try to not give him the food, you’ll bleed.”

Like many other cats, Trekkie also likes the dishwasher. 

“He loves to climb in there, and he’ll help us clean off the dishes. A pre-rinse cycle, if you will.”

Trekkie the cat sniffing on dishes

“We’re usually pretty good about keeping the food away from him. Or if he does get it, he’ll only get a bite or two.”

close-up of Trekkie's head with sauce around his mouth

They rely on an automatic feeder to manage Trekkie’s food obsession, but filling it can be quite a messy affair! 

Kayla humorously mentions that many people comment how Trekkie wouldn’t be so food-obsessed if they were feeding him enough. You must watch the video to see her hilarious response:

Kayla and Frank ensure that Trekkie maintains a healthy diet, and aside from his food obsession, he is an exceptional cat!

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