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15 Photos Of Cats Faceplanting And Smushing Their Faces Into Stuff

15 Photos Of Cats Faceplanting And Smushing Their Faces Into Stuff

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Faceplanting is a bit different from your cat simply sleeping face down. It’s like art! Hahaha, jokes aside, if your cat is “faceplanting,” don’t worry. It is purrfectly safe, and our feline friends absolutely love it. 

Trust me, on a regular Monday, I wish I could spend the entire day with my face smushed against a pillow… 

However, cats enjoy faceplanting because it’s comfortable and warm, or they may be feeling a bit shy at the moment. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: cats faceplanting is ridiculously cute! Brace yourself for these adorable 15 photos.

1. The Greatest Faceplant

Orange cat faceplant
by u/taracatt in catfaceplant

2. This Is How I’m Tryna Be

Pumpkin go splat.
by u/cyberentomology in catfaceplant

3. Adoption Papers Signed. Time For The Greatest Nap Of All Time

Dimitri sleeping on the day he was adopted
by u/xbya in catfaceplant

4. Big Chonk Faceplant

faceplant viewed from above
by u/youngpattybouvier in catfaceplant

5. Orange Chonk Faceplant, Side View

My buddy Balou definitely belongs here
by u/Disastrous_Sir125 in catfaceplant

6. Fluffy Faceplant On An “Air Mattress”

Why not
by u/TheoMerca in catfaceplant

7. Outdoor Faceplanting: No Sunlight In Kitty’s Eyes, Please

by u/Kori52 in catfaceplant

8. Recharging Batteries, Will Be Ready For Zoomies Soon

Your Standard Issue Cat is rebooting. Please wait 30 minutes before turning it back on.
by u/feddeftones in catfaceplant

9. Let Me Just Look Closely Into This Floor…

What’s he looking at?
by u/Spin_Doctor96 in catfaceplant

10. Faceplanting At Its Finest

When Etta plants, she doesn’t mess around.
by u/Van-Goghst in catfaceplant

11. The King Of Faceplants

Lost my boy 3 weeks ago, he was the king of face plants
by u/squareincolour in catfaceplant

12. Turn The Lights Off, It’s Bedtime

13. No Time For Work, It’s Time For Faceplanting

Frannie faceplants every morning in front of my monitor while I’m working from home.
by u/rosalinds-cat in catfaceplant

14. Faceplanting Gone Wrong

Let’s all find our favorite shoe and dream away:)))
by u/iskricka in catfaceplant

15. Faceplanting Into A Cat… Who Else But Orange Cats?

My cat face plants on my other cat…
by u/that_hannahgirl in catfaceplant

Note: each kitty in these photos was perfectly fine at the time. Cats’ faceplanting is just another cozy napping position, often chosen by our furry friends to keep warm.

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