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This Pilot Had To Do An Emergency Descend After Discovering A Furry Passenger On The Wing

This Pilot Had To Do An Emergency Descend After Discovering A Furry Passenger On The Wing

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Cats are the most curious creatures on this planet. I believe they wake up every morning with two missions on their mind – beg for treats and get stuck in a new place.

I remember when my cat Beans disappeared for almost an hour. I was frantically searching for him only to find him peacefully sleeping in my shoe cabinet… 

Today’s story is about such a curious cat that ended up on a small airplane wing! Yes, you read that right, airplane wing…

cat on a wing of a plane
Credit: YouTube

Romain Jantot is a experienced pilot that takes his passenger on various adventures up in the sky. He flies a small two-seater airplane, better known as tandem airplane.

This type of airplane has an open concept with space only for the pilot and one passenger. One day, Romain was about to take a woman for a 20 minutes sightseeing tour, however, little did they know there was a stowaway on board… 

Shortly after take off, Romain noticed there was something moving on their left wing. Soon enough, the fluffiest black and white cat was gazing back at him!

man and woman in a plane looking at cat
Credit: YouTube

Romain told the woman to stay calm and not to reach for the cat, afraid it might scare the poor soul off. 

In the meantime, he informed the airport tower about what was happening and asked for a emergency descend!

photo of cat on a plane wing
Credit: YouTube

Romain managed to calmly land the small airplane, while the cat was holding onto dear life! Luckily, that part of the wing was wide enough and this adorable fluffball had enough space to stay safe.

man getting the cat off the plane
Credit: YouTube

Once they landed safely, Romain couldn’t help but laugh! He was happy the cat was safe, this adorable passenger put a smile on his face!

Romain helped the cat get off the wing and this sweet fuzzball was finally safe! Such a happy ending! 

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