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Every Day This Family Has The Sweetest Feline Intruder Who Claims Them As His Second Family

Every Day This Family Has The Sweetest Feline Intruder Who Claims Them As His Second Family

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Cats are very independent animals. Unlike dogs, who consider only one person as their owner, cats don’t actually have an owner. That’s why it’s often said:

We don’t own cats, they own us!

Cats choose to be with the people they like, or they choose to be alone. They choose to be with positive people with whom they feel safe and comfortable. 

cat sits next to man as he types on phone
Credit: John Sanders

Well, with all of that being said, it looks like John and Alex Sanders are a good and positive family. So, after seeing them, this ginger boy thought that two lovely families are better than one. He’s right, isn’t he?

John and Alex Sanders started having an unexpected visitor every day. To everyone’s surprise, it was a ginger cat named Tigger who already had his own family, but decided to adopt another one too.

How It All Started…

orange cat stretches while lying down
Credit: John Sanders

Tigger the cat often wanders on the streets. His family knows that he’ll always come back home, so they let him do whatever he wants.  

One day, Tigger was walking down the street and noticed the open door of one house in the neighborhood. He entered the house as though he had been living there his whole life. He greeted the family and proceeded to make himself comfortable.

John and Alex often leave their front doors open, especially when the weather is nice, but they haven’t experienced anything like this before. They didn’t know where their unexpected guest came from or why he entered their house at all.

cat rests in neighbor's lap
Credit: John Sanders

Tigger really left the family speechless, but they knew they had to do something as someone could be searching for this handsome ginger boy.

John and Alex checked the cat’s collar and they found out that Tigger had a family that lived just one street away from them. 

They thought that Tigger’s family was worried and searching for him so they returned Tigger to his real family. What they didn’t know is that Tigger doesn’t give up so easily!

Looks like Tigger liked John and Alex very much, as he decided to surprise them with another visit.

cat named Tiger sits next to his new favorite neighbor
Credit: John Sanders

The next day, Tigger came back to their house, and knowing that he wasn’t lost, John and Alex let him have his own way.

Tigger continued visiting this lovely family. John says that Tigger usually visits them twice a day.

But, what about Tigger’s first family? Well, they weren’t jealous. They know Tigger and are familiar with his adventures. 

Tiger sleeps in his neighbor's bed
Credit: John Sanders

So, they’re basically used to it and they’re also completely fine with Tigger visiting his new friends. They’re happy as long as he feels comfortable there. John said:

“His parents have said Tig really just does what he wants and he has chosen us.”

I believe that Tigger chose John and Alex to be his new friends and family. I’ve had a similar experience that I’ve mentioned many times but don’t mind if I mention it again. I have a cat, Freddie, that apparently chose me to be his friend. 

Tiger sleeps in neighbor's bed
Credit: John Sanders

One day, while I was going home from work, I noticed a cat following me. When I saw him, I tried to approach him, but he was shy so he hid in the bush. I kept going home and he kept following me. 

Finally, when I opened the door, he entered the house as though he had been living there for years. Since that day, he’s been a part of my family and I’m happy about that.

Just like that, it makes me happy that Tigger has not one, but two families that love and support him and let him do whatever his heart desires!

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