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This Ginger Boy Doesn’t Let His Autoimmune Disease Stop Him From Living His Life To The Fullest

This Ginger Boy Doesn’t Let His Autoimmune Disease Stop Him From Living His Life To The Fullest

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If you take a first look at this beautiful ginger cat named Juice, you may think that he’s just a normal cat. I can assure you Juice is much more than that! Here is his story that will tell you why he’s a special kitty!

Grace is a kind woman who decided to adopt a young ginger male cat, but she had no idea how special the cat was or how much she would bond with him.

Juice was having a nice life. Then, all of a sudden, his owners just couldn’t take care of him anymore, so they put him up for adoption. Juice is a very lucky cat because he immediately found his fur-ever person. Grace said:

“Juice was surrendered at an animal emergency that I work part-time at. He had a lot of medical issues.”

photo of juice the orange cat
Credit: YouTube

Grace knows that she has a soft spot for cats and that this tiny little ginger boy would steal her heart in the blink of an eye. She added:

“He was the cutest little orange ball. I was so happy to get him home.“

photo of Juice the cat
Credit: YouTube

Unfortunately, they didn’t have much fun to begin with, as they needed to focus on Juice’s health condition. He was constantly sick and no one knew what exactly was wrong with him, until he reached eight months old. 

Juice the orange cat wearing a cone
Credit: YouTube

Juice was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that affected his size and some of his abilities as well. He’s about half the size of a regular cat as he stopped growing when he was six months old.

Furthermore, because of his condition, Juice cannot retain muscle mass and he can’t jump. However, he’s a fighter – that’s for sure!

Juice, the cat with the unusual size
Credit: YouTube

He doesn’t give up and he fights each and every day. He doesn’t have muscles, but he has his claws that help him climb wherever he wants. Grace says:

“He’s very tiny, but very fluffy. He’s got a tail that’s too big for his body.”

funny photo of Juice the cat
Credit: YouTube

However, his tail isn’t the only big part of him; Juice also has a big heart and a lovely personality. He’s such a cuddle bug and follows his parent all the time. Grace added:

“He is very cuddly. He wants his paws held all the time. If you’re sitting with him, he’ll reach out and he’ll grab your hand.”

portrait of juice, the cat with unusual size
Credit: YouTube

Despite all his perfection and flaws, sometimes you’d say he’s just a regular cat because of how he behaves. 

He’s constantly meowing and screaming, but I think it’s just his way of attracting attention. 

photo of juice with dilated pupils
Credit: YouTube

There are two things that Juice is apparently crazy about: food and dogs. Whenever he sees food, he screams, and he would eat anything that’s on his way. So, Grace always needs to be careful when it comes to his diet and feeding schedule.

Moreover, unlike many other cats, Juice likes dogs very much. Grace says:

“When I bring him to work with me he hates other cats and he’ll hiss at them. But, when he sees dogs he immediately goes up to them. So, he might think he’s a dog, hah!”

photo of juice the cat with a dog
Credit: YouTube

Adopting a cat with health issues is never an easy thing to do and it requires a lot of patience and commitment. Even though Grace didn’t know what was wrong with Juice, it looks like she has zero regrets and that she handles the whole situation excellently.

“I’m so bonded with him. I don’t know if the feeling’s mutual, but I’m obsessed with him.”

Grace is aware of Juice’s health condition and his lower life expectancy, but she’s so happy to have him around and she plans to enjoy his company for as long as she can!

Juice's owner holds her paws
Credit: YouTube

Stories like this inspire me every day, and if you’re thinking the same, then I suggest you come back again and read more interesting and inspiring cat stories that will warm your heart!

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