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This Angry Cat Judges Everyone Who Stands In His Way

This Angry Cat Judges Everyone Who Stands In His Way

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Cats are adorable, but grumpy cats take that cuteness to a whole new level. After the real Grumpy Cat, such kitties kept going viral on social media. 

Even though these are normal cats, their faces make them appear differently, as though they’re judging everyone standing in their way.

an angry cat is sitting on the laminate

One of these popular grumpy and angry cats is Leo. He is a fluffy and beautiful kitty, but his face seems to have stopped working, haha. 

angry cat sitting on tiles

Leo looks like someone stepped on his tail and spilled his milk.

an angry cat is sitting on a toy box

As soon as his pictures were posted on social media, he went viral. Leo’s facial expressions are hilarious, and he always looks like he’s judging everyone. 

angry cat sitting and looking at the camera

However, Leo’s overall appearance is super adorable, and once you meet him, it’s hard not to love him. 

the cat enjoys your swing

While looking through Leo’s photos, I thought I might share some of my favorites with you, and make your day better! Scroll down and enjoy more photos of Leo, the angriest kitty you’ll see!


angry cat in high heels


an angry cat is lying on the bed


cute angry cat


an angry cat sits on a scratching post

If you can’t get enough of Leo’s angry face, here are some other grumpy kitties that might steal your heart as well:

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