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A True Good Boy Guides His Owner To A Box Full Of Helpless Orphaned Kittens

A True Good Boy Guides His Owner To A Box Full Of Helpless Orphaned Kittens

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A dog named Aragon, who lives with his human mom, became a hero after discovering a box full of abandoned kittens during one of their walks.  

Sadly, it’s become quite common in their area for people to dump kittens like it’s no big deal. 

kittens in a box and a dog looking at them
Credit: YouTube

Poor kittens cannot fend for themselves and most usually cannot survive in the wild, which is why Aragon and his mom often find empty boxes around. 

Aragon’s mom volunteers at an animal rescue center called SCARS. To raise awareness about this issue, she decided to make a video showing how many helpless animals are abandoned on the mountain. 

She often finds empty boxes with blankets and toys, but no animals inside. 

SCARS wrote about it on their YouTube channel:

“Almost every day, she (Aragon’s owner) finds empty cardboard boxes on the mountain. Sometimes with the blankets and toys still inside, but no animals.”

dog with rescued black and white kittens
Credit: YouTube

This time, she brought a camera so she could make a video if they stumble upon more boxes along the way. 

Unfortunately, wild animals usually get to the abandoned kittens first, so Aragon and his owner didn’t expect to find any kittens in need of rescue. Still, they hoped to take a few photos of the abandoned boxes, at least. 

dog on a leash
Credit: YouTube

But one day, Aragon smelled something! He was onto something good…

Aragon began pulling his owner towards this one box, and when they opened it, there was a litter of kittens inside. The kittens were lucky to be found in time for a rescue. 

the dog sniffing the kittens
Credit: YouTube

Aragon and his mom brought them home, and he immediately started taking care of them like a foster parent.

He had rescued these cute kittens, and now it’s his obligation to take care of them. (Well, not really, but that’s how Aragon seems to have felt.)

black and white kitten and a dog
Credit: YouTube

SCARS provided the kittens with everything they needed, and Aragon did his best to be there for them every step of the way.

He plays with them, cuddles, and grooms them, providing them with all the attention they need. 

photo of the kitten and a dog
Credit: YouTube

These kittens are not Aragon’s biological children, but he surely takes care of them as if they were. 

dog lying on a red sofa with kittens
Credit: YouTube

The kittens were safely brought to SCARS, where they were given a new chance at life, all thanks to Aragon’s nose.

Aragon’s love and care made a lasting impact on these kittens, and they will surely remember him forever.

the dog looking at the rescued kittens
Credit: YouTube

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