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Grandma Makes Special Booties For A Tiny Kitten Without Hind Paws

Grandma Makes Special Booties For A Tiny Kitten Without Hind Paws

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Scottie was found and rescued in Arizona. His foster mommy, Nikki, fostered hundreds of kittens before he came into her home, so her rescue partner trusted her to be the best choice for a foster home for little Scottie.

Scottie was unique because he didn’t have hind legs, just two little nubs where his paws should be. The vets mentioned that one nub exposed the bone, and they would need to remove it entirely once he grew bigger and stronger.

Scottie Was Desperate

cute black and white kitten
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Despite fostering many kittens and cats over the years, Nikki panicked a little. She started thinking about how life was gonna be for Scottie and doubted whether she was the right choice for help. As she recalls:

“I started thinking, what am I getting myself into? What’s his future going to be? Could I get him adopted?”

sweet black and white kitten
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Despite her initial doubts, Nikki knew Scottie needed her, and she was determined to give it her all. She prepared a special room just for him, marking the start of their journey toward recovery and adaptation.

However, Scottie was less than thrilled. Even with a room full of cat essentials at his disposal, he made it known he wasn’t content. He didn’t want to be alone, and he showed it loud and clear.

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Scottie’s meowing left Nikki with no option but to pick him up and bring him into her bedroom. Quite the start to his foster home life, wouldn’t you say?

He Wasn’t Going To Sleep Alone

Nikki shares that Scottie quickly adapted to her and his new surroundings. He began to thrive, revealing his genuine character. Despite his previous struggles, Scottie was both playful and loving.

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Nikki noticed that Scottie had settled in well and had picked his spot – her bedroom. To make things easier for him, she installed stairs to help him climb onto and off the bed smoothly.

kitten on stairs
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Initially, Scottie wasn’t sure how to navigate the stairs, but with Nikki’s gentle encouragement, he quickly became an expert at it! 

He started zipping up and down with ease. Yet, his speedy adventures led to him frequently bumping his little nub, causing discomfort and pain.

Grandma Always Has A Solution

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Seeing Scottie in discomfort was too much for Nikki, so she thought of the perfect solution to alleviate his pain. She reached out to her grandma, knowing she’d have the answer:

“My grandma is so crafty! She used to be a ballerina actually so she was really knowledgeable about how you can protect toes. She had an idea of putting booties with a little bit of rubber traction on the bottom.”

grandma holding a kitten
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Scottie couldn’t resist fiddling with his new gear at first, eager to play. But before long, they hit the jackpot! Though he remained intrigued by the strange addition to his feet, he quickly learned that these “booties” were quite the game-changer. 

Now, he could leap and bound through the house, completely free from discomfort.

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Scottie was a bundle of determination, not letting anything hold him back. When he saw Nikki’s cats scaling the cat tree, something in him just clicked: he knew he had to conquer it too! 

Lacking hind feet meant jumping was out of the question, but that didn’t dampen his spirit. His front legs, initially not strong enough to hoist him up, gradually gained strength. 

With Nikki’s encouragement day by day, Scottie grew stronger and managed to climb the cat tree, one level at a time.

cute kitten playing with chair
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After conquering the cat tree, Nikki knew Scottie was on his way to leading a perfectly normal life. He was going to be just fine. It was time to find him a forever home, a tough but necessary part of her role as a foster parent.

Nothing Can Stop Him Now

kitten and chair
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Two months after Scottie arrived at Nikki’s place, new X-rays brought good news: the nub had healed beautifully and was in excellent condition. 

The booties had been a fantastic solution, but now, they were no longer needed. Scottie was playful, joyful, and in great health.

kitten and white rug
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Amidst the flood of applications, Moses caught Nikki’s eye. He had applied to adopt Scottie, mentioning he had a kitten named Scout who was about the same age as Scottie. 

It just felt right! Convinced Scottie would find a friend in Scout, Nikki initiated the adoption process.

Scottie Got Himself A Fur-Ever Home

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When Moses first laid eyes on Scottie, he was instantly charmed by his cuteness. He was impressed by Scottie’s bravery and resolve. Scottie’s unstoppable spirit was clear, and Moses knew he wanted that vibrant energy in his home. 

Nikki felt confident that Scottie would be treated like the “pampered little prince” he was meant to be. Moses had already fallen for Scottie based on his story, but meeting him in person only deepened his affection.

Despite having fostered countless kittens, Nikki always finds it tough to let them go. She puts together little farewell bags for each one, and the final day they share is invariably the most difficult.

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Yet, Nikki is overjoyed knowing Scottie is headed to a loving home where he’ll be cherished like the perfect little prince he truly is. 

Moses spared no expense, flying him first class – a clear sign Scottie’s landed in a wonderful life! 

On their very first night, Scottie snuggled up with Moses, and he quickly became pals with his new feline sibling, Scout, who was thrilled to have a new friend in the house.

Catch up with Scottie and his new family in the video below:

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