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Grieving Cat Can’t Hide Tears After Losing Her Dearest Sister

Grieving Cat Can’t Hide Tears After Losing Her Dearest Sister

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Some cats are fortunate enough to not be separated from their littermates when they are adopted into their new homes.

That was the case with Belle and Tori, two sister kitties that spent their entire kittenhood and adulthood together! They were inseparable and loved causing all kinds of trouble together around the house.


Unfortunately for Belle, Tori became very sick and passed away, leaving Belle heartbroken…


Belle was devastated. Her owner, Jessica says:

“She has not been the same ever since she lost her best friend, and sister, Tori.”

Jessica further adds:

“Every day, Belle curls up at the spot where Tori used to nap often, and I hear her cry. It breaks my heart.”

Losing her partner-in-crime and best buddy must be so hard on Belle…

sad cat laying on the floor

Perhaps Belle will soon begin to feel better, and Jessica and she will forever cherish their memories of Tori.

Maybe they’ll even consider adopting another kitty to provide a loving home. Until then, I hope Belle finds comfort and peace with her loving owner.

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