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Watch Out For These 10 Unconscious Slip-Ups That Can Hurt Your Cat

Watch Out For These 10 Unconscious Slip-Ups That Can Hurt Your Cat

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Cat owners just want the best for their feline companions. However, even with the best of intentions, we can end up hurting our pets. You know what they say: it’s the little things…

There are a bunch of little things we do that might hurt our cats, even though that’s the last thing we want.

This is why I’ve compiled a list of 10 ways you might be hurting your furry friend without even knowing it, so pay close attention!

1. Constantly Touching And Smothering Them

man with grey cat

Cats are usually loving, and prone to asking for snuggles and cuddles. I’m sure every cat owner enjoys their feline friend jumping into their lap for a couple of strokes along their back. 

There are also cats that do not like human touch at all, and that’s okay too.

However, even if you know your cat loves cuddles, please don’t over do-it.

Cats hate being petted against their will, and might even resent you for it. 

So next time your cat tries to escape from you, let them!

2. Giving Them Frequent Baths 

bathing cat

Another way you might be harming your cat without even knowing it is if you give your cat frequent baths. 

If you’re bathing your cat every week or so for no real reason, know that it’s completely unnecessary and perhaps even harmful for your kitty.

Cats are perfectly able to groom themselves and maintain their hygiene that way, with no need for frequent “human intervention”! 

Frequent baths strip the cat’s skin of its natural oils, which can lead to skin dryness and irritation.

3. Hosting A Bunch Of Get-Togethers And Parties

angry cat

When you think of get-togethers and parties, two things come to mind – a lot of people and a lot of smoke. That’s two things cats absolutely hate. 

Having a lot of people over means a bunch of people in your cat’s “territory”, which is something cats are not fond of. They like their territory to be, well, theirs.

People often smoke at parties, so it’s very likely that your cat will be exposed to cigarette smoke, which is not good for your kitty.

4. Listening To Loud Music

cat under the bed

A cat’s sense of hearing is much more sensitive than a human’s. That means what is simply “a bit loud” to you is extra loud for your feline!

Although cats do not hate music, they do hate loud music and a very loud environment is not suitable for felines. 

Please, do not listen to loud music, as it will most definitely upset your cat. 

Instead, if you really want to do so, get headphones (although loud music is not good for you either)!

5. Wearing Too Much Perfume

cat sniffing hand

Felines are famous for having a great sense of smell; much, much better than humans’. 

This is a fact many pet parents tend to forget – our felines can detect scents undetectable to us, and the scents they do detect are much more powerful to their senses than they are to ours.

So it makes sense that our cats absolutely hate the smell of perfume!

In fact, they can even sustain a minor olfactory injury if they inhale too much perfume. 

So next time you decide to put on a lot of perfume (aka bathing yourself in it), please, make sure your kitty is not around.

6. Leaving Your Cat Alone The Entire Day

beautiful grey cat with yellow eyes

Although cats are considered highly independent and have the ability to take care of themselves just fine without human presence, that’s only half true. 

Yes, cats are independent, but they still want and need human interaction, especially if they are indoor kitties.

Indoor cats are used to human contact, and being left alone for long periods of time doesn’t suit them well. 

Cats that are often alone can get lonely and depressed, and I’m sure no owner wants that.

7. Blowing In Your Cat’s Face

ginger cat outdoor

Blowing in your cat’s face might seem funny to you, but it’s definitely not funny to your kitty. In fact, most cats get scared by the sensation of air blowing in their face.

A cat might even paw at your face, and get really annoyed.

In fact, most cats don’t enjoy the close face-to-face contact with any people, including their owners. You might be able to observe that most cats tend to turn their heads away when you put their face close to theirs.

Although your cat cannot get seriously harmed from this, you shouldn’t be doing it as it’s a very unpleasant sensation for your feline friend.

8. Not Cleaning Their Litter Box Daily

cat standing at home

“I want, I need and I must have a clean litter box” is every cat’s mantra. They love a clean litter box, and might even resort to not using the litter box until their litter box is completely clean!

Some cats will even decide to poop and pee outside the litter box, such as on the floor, as a way to show their owners they’re unhappy with the cleanliness of their litter.

Cat owners, please, make sure you clean the litter box daily, as not having a clean litter box can be a source of stress and anger for many cats.

9. Not Providing Them With Physical Exercise

beautiful cat at home

Cats sleep most of the time, so that must mean they’re a bit lazy and don’t need physical exercise, right? Wrong!

Although our feline friends are sleepy heads, they do need their physical exercise to maintain their overall health. If you think your feline is happy lounging around the entire day, you’re wrong.

Cats need physical exercise, even if it’s 20 minutes of chasing a mouse on a string. Please, devote some time to your cat’s daily movement, as it will keep your cat healthy and not a tiny bit overweight!

10. Dragging Them Along During Your Cat Rides

fluffy cat in the box

Bringing your cat for even a short, light drive around your neighborhood or city is a huge no-no. But why?

The exact reason why cats hate car rides is unknown, but one thing we know for certain, is that they definitely do not like them. Many cats experience stress due being in a car, and might even vomit because of it.

It could be perhaps because they associate a car ride with stressful events, such as a vet visit. Whatever the cause might be, please, don’t take your cat for a car ride unless you absolutely have to.

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